Thyroid UK Support Meeting Morpeth, Northumberland 31st January and 28th February


If you live anywhere within reach of Morpeth then we'd love to see you at our Thyroid UK Support Group meetings. The next two are on Fridays 31st January and 28th February.

The meetings are held at my home in Morpeth (not far from County Hall) from 2pm to 4pm or so on (usually) the last Friday of the month, excluding August and December. If you can only manage to come along for part of that time then that’s fine, we’re very flexible :-)

We’re a very friendly informal group with the emphasis on support and there’s plenty of time to chat, share experiences and ask questions. There’s more about me and the group in my profile if you click on my name, above here in blue.

If you’d like to come along, want more info about the group and/or go on the mailing list then please send me a message with your email address via my profile as above. N.B. If you don't get a reply please contact Louise at Thyroid UK or contact me via - I'm having a lot of problems with messages since the site upgrade last year and I'm also still not appearing in the members list for some reason....

Would love to see you!

Barbara x

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  • Thanks Barbara - have pinned this.. x

  • Hi Barbara, do you ever meet in the evenings as I work full-time and live in Berwick, but would love to come to one of your meetings.


  • Hi Tracy,

    I've sent you a PM re this. I'm happy to have an occasional evening meeeting, or maybe even a Saturday if there's enough interest, so if anyone else would like to have one then please let me know and I'll see what I can do.


  • Hi Barbara I would love to come and my daughter but day time is not suitable, sorry let me know it you meet in the evening anytime.

  • Hi Dora,

    I've sent you a PM re this also please see my comments above to Tracy.


  • Hi Barbara is this meeting still on and how do I go about joining?

  • Hi dandydog,

    Yes the meeting is still on & I've sent you a PM with details.

    Looking forward to meeting you!


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