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Toddler ranges - is this possible Hypo

I have autoimmune thyroiditis (also grandmother and brother do). My 1 1/2 son has severe constipation and slight failure to thrive.

He had various tests done which included Thyroid Tests. Paediatrician says they were fine. When I pushed for numbers he said TSH was 8.9 and Free T4 17.5. I am not familiar with Free T4 ranges but to me 8.9 is a high TSH. He said this does not indicate Hypothyroid but he will test his antibodies next time we go and it might need monitoring.

Does anyone have experience of ranges for toddlers? Should I take his word or push for a second opinion (so far there is no cause found for either the constipation or the slow growth).

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Hi Hypo32, My son has a few hormonal problems, one of which being Hypothyroid. He was certainly very constipated before he was treated with Levothyroxine. I am afraid I don't know what the ranges are for children as I was very trusting of doctors when he was small (also think they were better then and my son was under Great Ormond Street Hospital) and took their word for everything. Would not do the same nowadays. Janet.


I don't usually comment on threads about children as I don't have any myself and know nothing of paediatric ranges and treatments. One thing strikes me as a possible area to investigate though. Failure to thrive could, perhaps, be due to poor pituitary performance which might also cause hypo and high TSH. Would it be worth pushing to get his pituitary function properly tested?

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As always, the only reference ranges that matter are those of the lab which did the tests. However, so that you can see another example, here is a link to the ranges at one specific lab:

Also, whilst there are questions over adult ranges and how they have been established, I think these questions are even more important for paediatric ranges. But they are all we have.


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