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Update on my recent zinc bloods going missing


Some of you may remember commenting on my frustration about my zinc bloods going missing, so I thought I would update you following a response from PALS.

Apparently, even though I has raised the issue of zinc-specific phials with her, and the phlebotomist has said they had drawers full of them, she had actually used the wrong phial. When the lab noticed it, the phlebotomy dept was told, and according to their protocol, advised my GP practice that I needed to be recalled for a new test. The practice acknowledged receiving the call but does not recall being asked to contact me about a retest! The phlebotomy dept says, logically it seems, that the only reason for the call to the practice was to advise of the error and therefore, to ask that I be advised accordingly, of the need to have bloods drawn again; so can't understand why the practice remembers a phone call but not the recall request ..... It wasn't until my complaint and the subsequent PALS investigation, that the practice was minded to contact me about it grrr.

The whole thing has seemingly uncovered a "training need" and the phlebotomist concerned has received refresher training, plus a clinical review meeting has been held to remind staff of correct procedures.

I've not used PALS before, and was satisfied if not a little surprised, with the prompt response and outcome from the Advisor who investigated my complaint. :-) :-)

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That's a good response from PALS. I'm still waiting for a response to an issue I raised with them in February 2013!


Crikey Ansteynomad, that's a wait and a half. I suppose my complaint was chicken feed, relatively, in terms of what might be complained about, plus I guess it depends on the individual PALS Advisor to some degree.

(Do they not have performance indicators etc, governing response times?)


That's good news, Hypnoteq and good to know PALS isn't a toothless thingumijig and can get phlebotomy and your GP practice to sort themselves out. When's your retest?


Thanks Clutter. I wanted others to know that it can be worthwhile complaining sometimes. I was even offered a refund on my parking fee but I'd thrown the ticket away :-(

I chased up my results yesterday but they're not yet back. I never thought I'd be looking forward to blood tests .........


Well here in Harrogate PALS is hopeless! I am still waiting for an answer to my query after 2 months. They acknowledged my query within 2 days, maybe they think that is all they need to do!


Sorry to hear that crimple. I did wonder if the person who dealt with my complaint was particularly pro-active. I'm glad that I emailed her earlier today to thank her. Hope your's gets sorted asap.


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