What research should I take with me?

Have endo next week, and would like to have some stuff printed out and highlighted so I have a back up.

Definitely need to be taken seriously, symptoms are getting beyond a joke, especially weight. After being unable to lose but staying static, I've put on half a stone in 2 weeks despite no change in diet or activity.

Thank you

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  • Bullet point a list of your symptoms and when they started. List any medication and supplements you are taking. Take copies of any thyroid function tests you've had done. Date of menopause if you're in it/through it. These are more prompts for you during the consult but the endo may find the list handy.

    There's no point in taking reams of research as the initial consult will likely only be 10-30 minutes, although it can be useful subsequently if you need to argue your corner for any reason.

  • Thanks Clutter, hopefully nowhere near the menopause, I'm only 31! Hoping to persuade my husband to another baby in a few years - another reason why some of my symptoms are worrying me, as I understand being hypo is not great whilst pregnant/trying to conceive.

    Have printed the list from thyroid uk and ticked off - quite worrying when you see it like that. Definitely good as a prompt, as I remember nothing at the moment!

  • Shoopuf,

    Make sure your GP and endo are aware you have plans to become pregnant (no need to say it may be years away). TSH in hypothyroid women planning pregnancy should be in the low range 0.4-2. cks.nice.org.uk/hypothyroid...

  • You could go on line and print out a list of symptoms which you can use as a tick list.

    I put in Primary Hypothyroidism for myself today and printed out 3 pages of very useful explanation including causes,symptoms and treatment.

    You definitely need a comprehensive list of symptoms so you can tick off the ones that are troubling you. Good luck ..I hope you get some help with the treatment you need.

  • A pretty good symptom list is available on the main Thyroid UK website:



  • Thank you - have downloaded and started ticking.

  • Thank you!

  • OK....Thanks Rod.....I did research this afternoon having been to my surgery and seen a letter sent from my Endo.Would you believe that after 12 years on a low dose 50 mcgs Levo,continually told there was nothing wrong with my thyroid, I was diagnosed Primary hypothyroidism by my Endo and given T3 ( my FT3 being only 4.1( 4.0- 7.8 )!!

  • That's excellent news, congratulations! Hopefully my appt will be as rewarding as yours.

  • So pleased for you Marfit. Hope the T3 works for you. Could you please OPM me the Endo's name as I have a feeling you ae somewhere near where I live. Janet.

  • have you been diagnosed hypo and are you medicated? If not but you have the symptoms here is an interesting link 21centurymed.com/links-info...

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