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Diagnosed at last!



I went to see my GP last Friday and he has confirmed I'm hypo. He's started me on 50mcg of Levo and another blood test on the 30th. (I think he's doing a full profile). I have to say, I'm really lucky - my GP is a gem (he saved my partner's life, quite literally). He's also signed me off for two weeks (I could have had longer if I'd wanted it). I've got to see him a week after the blood test (when the results are back).

I'm sleeping for England (well, Wales actually!) and am thoroughly fed up of being so tired and muddled! I locked the keys in the shed the other day and had to dismantle the whole padlock and fittings :-( ...........I'm sure you are all familiar with that kind of thing!

He said it'll be a month before I start to feel the benefit of the Levo and that it will probably need increasing.

I'm trying to eat really well (which I've always done anyway) and I'm avoiding wheat. I also have to be careful with dairy.

I'm also drinking plenty of water.

Any other tips guys?

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Did you have the Famous Five tested ? B12 - Iron - Ferrtin - Folate - VITD. You wil need all those to be OPTIMAL for the T4 to convert into the ACTIVE T3.

Good luck with your journey to wellness.

Tiredness could be LOW B12.... b12deficiency.info/signs-an...

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Thanks Marz. My B12 should be OK as I take a high dose sublingual tablet every day. Thanks for the info though I'm going to have a read. I'll ask my Dr5 what my others were. Thanks so much!

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You need to take B12 with folate I believe as the two work together in the body.....life ain't easy !!

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You can say that again, Marz!!

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