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TSH level increased 9 months ago but GP won't increase dosage


I have been suffering fatigue, palpitations, confusion, and mood swings since Aug 2013 and went to GP in Sept 2013. He prescribed Beta Blockers for the palpitations and eventually sent me for CBA as he thought I was stressed due to an increase in my workload. Despite CBA, I still have all the symptoms 9 months later.

In July 2013 my levothyroxine was reduced from 125mg to 100mg, despite telling GP that I was trying to get pregnant. He checked my bloods in Sept 2013 but they haven't been checked since, and I am not due for a review until March 2015. Below are the results of my last three blood tests. I have been attending a fertility clinic since Dec 2013 and in April 2014 was informed that my THS and FT4 are too high. The fertility Dr said that he would request my GP to increase my dosage. I saw my GP the next day and relayed this too them, but they said that until they received a letter, no increase. (Fertility clinic took bloods in April 2014 but I have not been given results yet)

I find dealing with my GP surgery very stressful and find them very patronising. I am so fed up and requested the results of all blood tests taken since 2010 (when diagnosed - I had to push to be tested despite complaining of symptoms since 2008).

Can anyone please advise me on how to deal with the GP on my next appointment? I will take my husband with me as I often forget what I need to say, or worse, just accept what I am told and seethe afterwards. My last prescription states that my next review is not until April 2015!

Sept 2013 THS 4.44m U/L (0.27-4.2)

FT4 18 pmol/L (12-22)

July 2013 THS 0.19 mU/L

FT4 21 pmol/L

March 2013 THS 1.89mU/L

FT4 14.8 pmol/L

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This is terrible. Have you thought about buying in some 25mcg Thyroxine pills and self medicating? It's not worth risking your chances of conception or increasing your chances of having a miscarriage because your doctor is not doing his job. So long as you read up on hyper symptoms so that you can tell if you are overdosing you won't cause damage. Did you feel better on 125mcg?


Perhaps you should get in touch with the fertility clinic and ask for the letter for your GP so you have a copy of it too. You need to find out if they sent the letter and if they did but your GP didn't get it ask for it to be sent again. Communication between clinics/consultants and GP surgeries can go wrong.


Email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Article by Dr Toft of the BTA. This states it may be preferable to have a TSH below 1 and it may enlighten your GP about how to medicate patients properly with thyroid gland dysfunctions.

Question 6 refers.


get a NEW GP now..


Also, bear in mind, the moment you become pregnant you need your GP to double your dose or you risk a miscarriage. I went from 100 to 200 mcg when pregnant and back down again when I had my baby. If you can't get this agreement in advance from your GP, I'm with msmamap, change your GP!


Thank you for the replies. I took an internet-break so apologies for the delay.

I will contact the fertility clinic tomorrow to see if the letter has been sent and ask for result of blood taken in April. Am thinking of writing to the GP to outline my concerns; I saw this recommended on a different thread and it is apparently more effective than a face to face with the GP.

The palpitations are the worse as they make me anxious when there is nothing to be anxious about. I realise that B12 deficiency can cause this too and mentioned this to my GP who informed me that my B12 levels were fine. This was based on a test taken a year before (B12 was 438 ng/L; ref range 191-663).

I would like to change my GP but will wait until my son's referral to the paediatrician has come through. He too suffers fatigue and sore throats. I'm sure that the GP is sick of me and believes me to be anxious/precious regarding my son's and my own health.


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