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Hi all. I have been on eltroxin for almost a year now.I am on 100mcg. My TSH was 5.22 originally, range 0.5-4.2.My most recent test showed TSH of 0.47.

I have so much more stamina since I started treatment.

However in the last few months I have felt this bizzare sleepy feeling.I don't feel the desperate tiredness I used to have.I just get sleepy particularly from the afternoon on and have to fight hard to stay awake. I have to put the ac on to freezing and walk around. Also at the moment I don't feel cold very often even though my work colleagues are cold. I know the changeable weather is not helping. Does this sound familiar to anyone?.

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Menopause? I was and am undertreated (still) and feeling hot when all around have chattering teeth, Low TSH doesn't necessarily mean fT4 and fT3 are good. The pituitary has a mind of its own. The hypothalamus may have an entirely different opinion. And it's the hypothalamus that appears to control the whole hot flash business when female hormones are in flux.

Mary Shomon claims that if thyroid is properly treated, menopausal symptoms are eliminated. I have no idea. I'm back on the HRT because the weather has warmed up and I'm sweating up a storm. The only solution is nudity and it's not acceptable in the work environment. (At home only the cats can see me.)


Get a new blood test for the thyroid gland. You may need to increase your meds. Symptoms are more important that the TSH but most GPs don't know this.


Yes get a new test. You may even have become slightly hyper. Is your pulse faster than normal? Don't rely on the TSH result, get the doctor to do T4 and if possible T3 as well. If the T4 is over the top of the range you are becoming hyper. If you have antibodies too it may be that you have hashimotos, which can come and go a bit. That might account for you needing a higher/lower dose at times.


I used to get this sleepy after lunch feeling a lot. It has largely gone now that I split my dose of NDT into morning (around 10) and afternoon (between 4 and 6). Eltroxin is Levothyroxine by another name, I think? All T4, anyway. And I know splitting the dose is contra-indicated for that. Still, a little extra information to mull over?


Hi all,

Thanks for the reply. Hope it's not menopause as only in early 30's!.The TSH was only done last week. M

y T4 was 14. I feel fairly okay but can't bear heat. My ears have been popping a bit and feel like they have liquid in them. Still sleepy. Have Hashimotos.


Vitamin D gone from 16 to 40. B12 340 Iron 11 (10.7-16) Ferritin still 11 bottom of range 7


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