We need a revolution

When reading these posts sometimes I think that ' Thank god I actually don't have any thyroid glands at all' It kinda eliminates the constant battle with doctors and Endos and I am taken seriously. I think I would have lost my mind by now if no one would have taken me seriously and given at least a try with medications even if my test results were 'average' I also think that I would have started to self medicate at some point in my life :o/

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  • I agree, something has got to change. Surely this has to be re-taught in medical school before too long? Folk can't continue to suffer un-medicated, or poorly treated... it's shocking and downright neglect.

  • I agree too. I can't think of any other condition where sufferers have to take their health into their own hands and self-medicate the way many people feel the need to.

  • I have no thyroid, and I am still treated like a hypochondriac by my GP. No referral to endo, no trial of T3, no NDT...so I am self-medicating. Nightmare!!

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