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A few days ago I was asked if I'd like to try the experimental new forum format. I said yes. Problem is that I only see posts and not questions. Have they been amalgamated, does anyone know? I can't see any way of switching back to the old format to check if I'm missing anything.

(Interesting. As I'm posting I'm asked if this is a post of a question. It's a question, but I'm going to have to say it's a post otherwise I won't see it. Does anyone know a way of returning to the old format so I can see both posts and questions?)

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  • Hi Rose

    They have been amalgamated.

    You should be able to see all the posts and questions as posts on the Beta site, so shouldn't be missing out on anything! :)

    I have sent feedback re the post/question choice when posting - but have had no feedback about it yet! :(

    You need to clear your cookies and this should allow you to switch back to the old version.... Although, I have managed to do this a couple of times now, without clearing cookies...!

    Try logging out and then follow a link from your history or favourites or from the TUK homepage or an email notification... It may work! :) xx

    Thanks for offering to be a part of the testing! :) xx



  • Thanks Louise. Are we supposed to be sending feedback on the new version or will we be sent a questionnaire? I'll try following an old link and use a different browser.

  • Send feedback! ;) There should be a little light bulb bottom right - click on it and it opens a feedback doobry! :) xx

  • Ah - lightbulb moment. I hadn't clicked on that to see what it does.

  • I have sent an email to HU today telling them that, again, I have had no email alerts since 5th June. So will see what they say. I checked and there is no block on HU.

  • Odd. I have email alerts - that's how I saw your post and came to reply. Have you triple checked your email address for typos? It's so easy to make a booboo, or use an old email address.

  • Rosetrees,

    The questions and posts have been amalgamated. If you get the daily digest you can compare and will see that you are seeing everything. I think you are asked whether you are posting a question or post as another beta version may revert to separating them.

    I've reported that the search function has disappeared and the development team are working on restoring that.

    If you want to unsubscribe contact

  • Thanks Clutter. I do get the daily digest but didn't think of checking. Dohhhh. I'm happy to continue with the new version so long as I know I'm seeing everything.

  • Do you have the search function box on the green HU banner, Rosetrees? It used to be left of Help.

  • Yes, I do. It's immediately to the right of Help. I'm using a laptop with Chrome browser. What kind of device are you using. I've uploaded a screenshot of what I see

  • Thank you. I'm using a 10" notebook with latest version of FF. Search disappeared when something else was restored :( I'll nag HU tomorrow if it doesn't magically reappear.

  • Glad you are testing too Clutter! ;) xx

  • Lol, it has been quite testing at times, Louise, but the dev team are very good at sorting out glitches.

  • It has indeed! Not happy with the new look, personally....! Seems to be working quite well generally though...

  • The thing I dislike most is the random, unrelated "Read Next", which takes you to old posts. Sometimes very old. I'd prefer it to do what is says on the tin and take you to the next post.

  • I agree! We have never liked Read Next - it sometimes drags up posts that are best forgotten...! *sigh* xx

  • There has been a feedback suggestion that old posts should be locked to prevent new comments after a certain period of time.

  • yes! We want this! We also want to be able to close current threads...

  • Do you mean for admin to close posts or the original poster?

  • Admin - there are certain threads that don't need replies at all - and other times when things are deteriorating and we need to stop it quickly! x

  • There does seem to be a lot of extraneous white space and I don't think the little v to access edit/delete/report on posts/replies is helpful.

  • yes - tell them about the white space!!! I have told them 3 times now! LOL! xx

  • I've just tried to do this, but not sure if I posted a comment somewhere or sent a message!!!

    Edit: See what you mean about the arrow to find 'edit'!!

  • :)

    Did you have to fill in your name, username, email..!? If so, then you have sent a message... ! ;)


  • Looks like I sent a message!

  • Your wish is my command :-D Posted in fb if you want to vote.

  • LOL! Really! LOL!

  • Same problem here! I'm just wondering how long I will be on this system. What I'm not enjoying is not being able to correct or cancel replies - I accidentally replied to someone twice and have no way of getting rid of the second reply.

    I suppose if you are really fed up with it then you could contact HU and see if they will put you back - I'm struggling on hoping my experiences are in aid of the greater good of the other users. What I'm getting to look at seems very 'pared down' compared to what we had before. Hopefully things will be good soon (I'm such an optimist!) :-)

  • As Louise says clearing out your cookies and logging in from a saved link on favourites or even in an email alert should take you back to the main version of Health Unlocked. I have Internet Explorer set to clear out cookies every time I close it down so have had no problems. I suppose it depends what browser you use but on IE go to Tools then Internet Options and delete the browsing history. This clears cookies too. I know I've done it with Chrome too but can't remember how! Hope it works for you.

  • Thank you :-)

  • Thanks for taking the time to test! :)

    It would be great if you would give feedback too! Thanks! xx

  • What on here or to HU?

    Have mentioned quite a few things to them - the fact the page looks so bare, that everything (posts and questions) is lumped together, that there are no interesting 'places' to go, I miss the link we used to have to local hospitals and people's experiences with them also the postcode link to the map that showed you where other TUK users were based, and that there is no 'edit' button to alter any mistakes you may have made in your post or reply - I did find an edit button but from what I remember it wasn't linked to posts/ questions/ replying. No preview button either.

    I thought (hoped!) that this Beta version was in its very early stages - it seems very basic compared to what we were using when I first signed up.

    Liz x

  • Brilliant feedback! Thanks Liz! It's fine if you have told them! :)

    We actually don't mind that they have put them together - people get muddled about which to use for what anyway! ;)

    But I have mentioned a few times about all the white space.....!

    I am hoping to see lots of changes before this goes live to everyone... x

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