Is there hope that my hair will eventually stop thinning, and thicken again!?

I think one of the worst things for me - aside from the exhaustion and weight gain etc, is my hair. It's so demoralising - and it makes me feel physically sick when I see it getting thinner by the day. I can't seem to style it as it just looks wispy and lank, I can't seem to tie it back without my head showing through at the sides, in fact yesterday I just couldn't take it any more and cried. I look at other women and feel so jealous of their normal hair! I just want it to be normal again :(

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  • It is extremely common with hypothyroid. I have had alopecia areata and have been completely bald too. It did come back.

    I am at the moment trying this shampoo and you use it every 3 days only. I think for only 4 weeks.

  • Thank you Shaws. Is there a UK stockist do you know? How are you getting on with it? I'm really struggling seeing my hair come out so much each day - it's not patchy or anything, just overall thin but worse on the sides. I don't even like washing it every day, as I can't bear to see more hairs falling! I think it's got to be one of the worst things for women :(

  • I only bought it last week, so cannot comment yet. You can get it from Amazon and if you use the pinned notice on r/h side of this page Thyroiduk get a small commission.

  • This is a link I read today:

  • This is also about women's hair loss if you didn't see it:-

  • sip, I know it's distressing. I've had strangers very often complimenting my hair over the years. I got to a point where you saw some scalp but never to the point where you saw most of my scalp. One article blames it more on adrenal issues than hypothyroid and then the aging process doesn't help at all.

    There are hair color sprays if you can match yours and spray your part line as to make it less noticeable. There is something to resemble hair that also dabs on. Personally I would like a wiglet that intertwines with your hair but I don't dye my hair any longer so it's difficult to match.

    Maybe if you can get your medication straight, it will improve.

  • I'm hoping once I'm on the correct meds it will come back. I'd hate to think I'd be stuck with it like it is :( At a glance, to other people it probably looks ok, but it's not. It's not as it used to be a few years ago (I'm 38 now), and esp now I can see my head through the sides.

  • This is the product I was thinking of and it works on dark hair anyway which I have seen...very natural:

  • I can empathise, as I'm sure most of us can. I have been loosing so much hair over the past year. I had really thick hair, so thick I could barely get it an elastic band to wrap twice around a pony tail. Now I'm shedding more than my dog! In addition to being properly medicated for your thyroid, low iron can also contribute to hair loss. My iron was 10, which is quite low, and taking a good iron supplement has helped with the loss. Also my hairdresser gave me Nioxin serum which I use on the thinning areas around the scalp, and 6 weeks later I can see baby fine hair growing back in those areas. Might be worth checking out. I take Biotin daily as well.

  • I have Nioxin bookmarked on Amazon - I might give it a go. I think my ferritin was 69, I think it needs to be 70? So it's very close! But I'm taking iron tablets anyway, just to raise it so I can discount that being the cause.

  • I used Nioxon, the shampoo/conditioner and the dermabrasion treatments at the hairdresser too, which were great for itchy, spotty scalp. My hair doesn't look too bad as it was very thick to start with, but it is noticeably thinner, to me anywa. It has just stopped falling out, after 5 months on iron & 3 months on NDT.

  • Why don't you try a human hair topper. They attach on top of your own hair with clips and do look very natural I.e. you can't tell it's not your own hair. There are also some excellent fashionable wigs out there as well but I would go for the topper - human hair top piece if you google. I have 5 of them now great for when you go out make you feel a lot better in yourself. I will just add your stylist can cut to suit so don't be afraid of buying a long one and having it cut shoulder length I did this with an excellent top piece from Rene of Paris unfortunately not human hair that one but looks it very natural as fibre hair is these days.

  • Thanks for this. I have been looking at hair toppers, I don't know if they will work though as my thinning is mainly on the sides (well, all over actually, but worse on the sides. Esp the right side for some weird reason!) I suppose though, it would give the appearance of it looking thicker. I have a bob, slightly layered with a fringe (only slightly layered, as I asked the hairdresser not to go too mad!) and shaped at the back. The top looks fine i.e no wide parting or anything. I watched some videos of people putting hair toppers on, they looked amazing afterwards!

  • Hi sip I've just read your post and can sympathise with you whole heartedly ..I was going through this last year and to some degree still am..but it does get better....I went to my doctor in an emotional state he told me to get blood tests done for vitamin D and others relating to hair showed up I was severely deficient in vit D.I was prescribed 20.000iu of vit D for 10days then 1000 iu thereafter. I'm due to have a blood test soon to review vit D. In the mean time I've taken vit b complex..vit c..and cod liver oil tablets as well as has slowed down hair loss and I can see new hair..strangely it's growing out dark..but who cares.The one thing I've learnt is to be patient try not to stress it can take over a year to get in to an improved state...see your doctor about vitamin D and hair related deficiencies..I wish you luck x

  • Thank you Lucy. You guys are fabulous! I'm taking vit D3 and have for ages, so I'm fairly sure that's ok but I am tempted anyway to ask my doctor to check anything he can, that hasn't already been checked. Might be worth knowing. I think I'll get hold of some biotin - how much do you take? I'm seriously trying not to stress - I'm probably not helping myself lol. I picked 30 hairs of my pillow this morning, then washed it - where more came out, then very carefully brushed it - and more came out... I gave up counting. I never took any notice years back how much of my hair came out daily, but I'm fairly sure it was not like this! I'd be quite happy if my hair grew back green, as long as it grew back :D

  • Hi Sip I take Holland and Barrett's Biotin 2/3 tabs a day.Ive read good reports on this vitamin...and I've also upped my protein intake...I am forever researching on line...I have also come across COQ10 being beneficial to the thyroid..we will get there in the end and will know more than our doctors do...take care

  • Hi Sip

    This condition is so cruel, I do feel your pain. Every day I find myself looking at other women's figures and their hair! No I'm not a lesbian, I just struggle to come to terms with my weight gain and my thinning hair. I keep a little bit of hope inside of me that I will eventually lose weight and my hair will look healthy and full again.

    In my case, my ferritin and vitamin D are low, these are being treated and the hair loss has lessened, in fact dare I say, I think it may have stopped falling out?!

    The other thing I have been taking is coconut oil capsules. I read that these can aid in weight loss and help your hair. Wether these have helped or it's just a case of everything helping, I don't know, but worth a try.

    Lots of love and hugs to you xxxx

  • Yep, I was looking at women's hair at Tesco yesterday! And just made myself feel worse. I just saw so many women with 'normal' hair, normal hair styles, normal sized ponytails. Just so jealous :(

  • Like others here, just wanting to post to let you know you're not alone.

    Before this whole hypo thing kicked off I too could barely get a hair band twice around my hair when pulling it back. Now, a year and a half later, it goes around five times. You sound like me: you started with a lot of hair and its something that through the years has come to be a big part of your public/physical persona. I'm not a conceited person but it did feel so demoralising to have handfuls of hair coming out. Like you, I got to the point I was afraid to wash my hair.

    I can't say that its been quick but there seems to be a bit of a turn around now. I'm still just on T4, having not yet seen the GP about vitD, ferritin, B12, etc. Hopefully with the proper supplements it'll just get better.

    So I guess I'm trying to say: yes, it's s**t and yes its demoralising but there's every chance it will stop (eventually).and there are lovely folks here who are so helpful with advice on shampoos, conditioners, hair pieces, etc in the meantime.

  • Thank you. Have tears in my eyes reading these lovely comments. (Gawd, I'm not usually so cringey lol) It's just so nice to know I'm not alone! But it would be even nicer if we all didn't have to suffer with our hair - how we look affects how we feel, no woman wants wispy thin hair. I think we all feel bad enough with the thyroid making us feel exhausted etc, let alone having a problem that other people can see as well.

  • I love this one

    I think there is a certain stigma associated with wearing wigs - but some of them look quite realistic. I'd probably look like a twit wearing it lol, but it's kinda reassuring that at least there is a back up if needed. I'm not there yet, but if it keeps falling out like it is - who knows!

    Wow - amazing! I think I'll shave my hair off now!

  • I just cut my hair myself tonight because I did not even want a hairdresser to see my hair loss. I made such a mess of it! I am lucky because I am an orthodox Jewess so I have to cover my hair as part of my religion. Still, I know what is underneath and when I take my scarf off I just want to cry. That plus the constant struggle with weight and allergies and hopeless Dr's is a constant battle. The wigs are the best bet for looking nice. They look much nicer than our own hair if you buy a good one. They are good for when you need to go to a party or function when you have to look your best. I would not feel confident enough to go out at all if I had to show my hair loss in public.

  • Just wanted to quickly update on the Nioxin hair shampoo/conditioner. It has made my hair feel and look so much thicker, after just one wash!! I've also bought some dark brown dry shampoo (batiste) which make a massive difference and much better than the normal one, esp on darker hair! And it also makes your head look darker, which is good :) I'd definitely recommend these two things based on my own experience with them. I'm also taking 300ug of biotin, but too early to say if that's working yet.

  • Dear Sip I really empathise, I'm going through the same thing, i used to have a mane of healthy thick hair and have lost 2/3's of it over the last 3 years.. It does have an effect on self esteem, how ever much you say to yourself it's only hair.. I'm not diagnosed or on any meds yet, but hopefully will see some changes once I am... hope you get some results too.. I'm taking iron, primrose oil, vit C and L-lysine in an attempt to get some hair growth... best of luck ... Abby

  • Ooh which Nioxin are you using? I might give it a go, also feeling v down about hair loss :(

  • I'm using this one Abbychaya

    I don't exactly know how it works, and it certainly isn't a miracle cure but it helps a little - and as they say, every little helps!! :)

  • I will try it. Thanks x

  • Hi my name is Tom. I have a cure. I am 58.l have been eating an oat based cooked breakfast with many other seed/ nut ingredients, every morning for 5 years. My hair has ' re thickened' and it's former color has returned. I am in the process of licensing the recipe with a major cereal manufacturer. Hold the fort..Help is on the way. Regards T.Williams.

  • sip 1 just read this and how are you doing with hair, I have decided I amgoing to try PRP treatment as I felsick each time I look at my non existant hair I totally get you!

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