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I rang up to GP for my Thyroid results all they could say i have to speak to DR on Monday for a Telephone chat

my one level is high the


other low but because they are not qualified they could not give me the figures. So i am waiting to be told off again

arguing about dropping the dose down like i have argued the past 18 years. Just so fed up of it now it is hard to fight

as i have got older. I have tried educating her about the problem i have but she says i am a normal patient .So what can i say to that. Thank you all for listening.x My blood tests for the thyroid seems to be higher when i fast is this normal.

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Receptionist doesn't need to interpret results, just read them to you, fer gawd's sake. Could you phone the surgery and ask for a printout as it will be easier to talk to the GP with the information in front of you.


You may be a normal patient but you are suffering abnormally. I agree with Clutter if you have the info you know what to expect and you can post them here beforehand too. Phone your surgery now and say that you want the receptionist to pass a message to the GP that you would like a print-out of the tests, please for your records and you'll collect it.

It may well be that some of us can find a link somewhere which your GP will be o.k. with the advice.

howlyn in reply to shaws

Thank you i have just phoned and asked they said they will put them in the post so i hope i have them before i talk to her other wise i know what she will say your 70 now you do not need as much hormone as you did when you was younger how stupid is that.

shawsAdministrator in reply to howlyn

I am glad and at least you will have an idea of what she want to 'chat' to you about.

That is certainly a stupid way to dispense medical advice. She is supposed to help you keep your good health, not willy-nilly decide due to age that you don't need so much.

Clutter in reply to howlyn

TSH increases in ageing populations but that will be in people not already taking thyroid hormone replacement and should not be an excuse to lower meds thyroidresearchjournal.com/...

As your GP is so 'age aware' I hope she checks your ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate regularly ;)

howlyn in reply to Clutter

i have not had any of them checked only B12 12 years ago on DR Skinner advice

and is was 375 the lower end of the scale so i have been on B12 tablets but never been

checked again.

Clutter in reply to howlyn

No point in testing B12 until 4 months after you stop supplementing. It's a good idea to ask for ferritin, vitD and folate to be tested though as they're often low/deficient in hypothyroid people and older people (usually meant as >75).

wombatty in reply to howlyn

I think the doctors have forgotten how many older adults used to be institutionalized with "dementia" when their only problem was hypothyroidism. We have to fight to avoid returning to those bad old days.


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