My vit D has shot up to 169, is it too high ?

I was at a measly 27 three months ago and started a high dose 9000iu per day on docs instructions then reduced to 6000iu fir the past month . Am I too high now , what dose should I reduce to in order to remain with a good level and not drop off completely . Hoping someone can help me out . Nurse just said it was ok and that the doc made no comment about it ...

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76-200 is optimal. >250 is possible toxicity. Supplementing <8,000iu daily is unlikely to lead to toxicity. My vitD was 116 in Jan after loading and maintenance dosing to correct deficiency and I continue to supplement 5,000iu daily.

Having got your levels up should enable you to convert D3 naturally if you are able to expose your face and arms to sunlight a few hours a week.

Phew thanks fir that Clutter , I am so use to seeing small numbers in relation to vit d results that it came as a shock . I have no hope really of Sunning myself as I work inside most days . Not that we see much sun anyway . I might halve my dose to 3000iu and see how I go :-)

Supposedly, 30mins a day should do it if you can push your sleeves up to expose your forearms on your journey to and from work. It's the light levels between May and Oct that do it rather than the need for full on sunshine.

Thanks , will make the effort so .

When I had mine tested privately the satisfactory range was >50 and <220, with over 220 being high.

Thanks for that .

I was 27 3 months ago my doctor put me on 800iu fultium d3 a day . Said it would be another blood test in 6 months your dose seems very high maybe mine too low

I'm even worse than that - my D level was 27 last September after a private test. The GP said this was probably the normal range for where I live in the far north of Scotland. But he did agree to prescribe AdCal D3 one a day which only contains 400 I.U. I'm fairly sure they won't agree to retest me now so I've decided to top up myself with 2000 I.U capsules as a nurse friend advised me to. So this post is very useful re quantities I should take and how other gps respond to levels.

I do get out everyday to walk the dogs but I have to cover up because of other drugs making me more vulnerable to skin cancer. I feel that my GP should be willing to test patients with autoimmune diseases as I have - especially bearing in mind the restrictions that drugs put on me.


Hi far more importantly what is your calcium? you need 3 monthly tests for it if on D. if goes over range as an electrolyte, D must be lowered or even stopped, no matter what.Otherwise, D is for life.


Thanks . My calcium came back at 2.19 corrected with range if 2.20-2-60 so o presume that's low despite my increased vit D . Do you know if low calcium is diet related ?

Hi Yes, you need calcium and D, NICE, from GP.Make sure you have a further blood test, both 3 months. low calcium means your body is not absorbing all the vit D.


No, in Canada ideal is about 120-130 and above 250 is possible toxicity but this seems fine.

Thanks everyone . It doesn't look so high now after all your readings . I just need to work on my calcium now .

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