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For over 2 years I have been on 150mg of thyroxin, today my bloods came back as T4 22.6 and TSH 0.27. The receptionist informs me that my

dose is being reduced to 125mg, yet am desperately trying to lose weight, I exercise 3-4 times a week and eat a sensible diet. Am waiting to see the doctor but wondered if anyone good at translating levels as I haven't got a clue :-)

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Do you have the reference ranges?

Did they test your FT3?


Hi wood, looks like your T4 might be over range and with TSH being suppressed, they think you are over dosing. It's unfortunate because that may not be the case at all. As suggested, can you insist on getting an FT3 test? You may not being converting all that T4 into enough T3 or it may be turning into useless reverse T3, you need iron and dopamine to do that effectively. Some of us just order our own T3 and be done with it since GP's seem not to care if you go unwell. So unfair. Another option is to order privately from Blue Horizon and get all thyroid function tests including antibodies for a flat fee.


Hi cwoodcock

It is not a good idea to reduce your medication if you are feeling o.k. on the dose. Some need a low or suppressed TSH to feel well.

This is a link and read first two questions/answers

You don't give the ranges of your blood tests as it is helpful for members to make comments. Labs differ throughout the country

I think they should have tested your T3 level as T4 may not be converting to sufficient and it is T3 which is required for us to function properly.

This is a list of vitamins/minerals which help and the bottom 3 in particular in conversion.


Hi, my results are often the same as yours on levo, but thankfully my doc ignores them because I still feel like death warmed up. Time for a T3 trial for me I think.


On no account allow them to reduce your dose

or you will rapidly be back to exhaustiion states


Thanks very much for all your advice, bloods booked, will report back shortly :-) they also want to do liver function tests........


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