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Solgar Megasorb B Comples

I'm thinking of trying Solgar Megasorb B-Complex as well as my B12 sublingual and my cod liver oil capsuls. I looked up the ingredients and it contains soya lecithin 50 mg. Is that ok to take or will it react with my underactive thyroid. Should I avoid anything containing soya. I was also looking at Solgar B-Complex but it contains 100 mg of B6 and I see here on the forum that it is too much to take. Just want to know which would be best.

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Soy is an endocrine disruptor, so can be a very bad idea for some people... but not everyone..

Some people react quite badly to too much B6.

Not very helpful I know - maybe someone with personal knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity... xx


Thanks Louise just want to take right one.


On the other hand, lecithin is a highly purified extract which just happens to come from soy. There are a few other sources such as sunflower that I have noticed on labels.

There is plenty of evidence that soy can cause hormone/thyroid issues (as well as sometimes helping), but I have never seen anything which identifies the lecithin as the cause.

I'd be more concerned that by far the majority of bread in the UK contains soy flour. (Obviously doesn't cause problems for the gluten/wheat free people. :-) )

Endorse the "too much B6" message, Louise.



Hamster has given me the names of some that don't contain Too much b6 so I'll go for them they contain no soya thanks


Hi Mauds,

If you're not keen on the ones I suggested the other day you could try this one:

It's actually the one my nutritional doc suggested for my husband when his homocysteine came back a little high. He took it for a while then switched to the one I take.

H x


Thanks hamster I'll give them a try did your hubby find the ones you take better


He didn't feel any different, it was more because the H&B ones were quite a big tablet and didn't taste as nice! x


I'm going to get the ones you told me about but it could take over two weeks to deliver to ireland and I want to get some into me now


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