Is this Vertigo?

My husband has been having these odd attacks for a few months. Without warning he feels as if his chest wells up and he goes dizzy and breathless, feeling as if he is going to pass out - he gets instant goose bumps and feels slight nauseous - this lasts for a few minutes before it begins to subside - can happen more than once per day. Anyone else experience this or know what it is? XX

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  • True vertigo is the sense of either you or your surroundings spinning and can come with nystagmus which is involuntary fast movement of the eyes. It can last minutes or several hours.

    I get vertigo and it is a horrible sensation. Your husbands dizziness doesn't sound like vertigo, does he have blood pressure problems ?

    For anyone getting vertigo attacks Stugeron travel pills work very well both during an attack and to prevent one.

  • He needs to check in with the GP! Heart rhythms need a check. MaryF

  • I had this before i was diagnosed Hypothyroid.

  • Hello Henry - can you describe the attacks? XX

  • I have had vertigo and it doesnt sound much like that. I agree with MaryF.

  • Hi no doesn't sound like I was with vertigo. I felt like everything im room was spinning and it was worse when lying flat. Just moving head made me nauseous and it lastef for days.Get it checked out x

  • I'm agreeing with Mary, Sheenah. I hope hubby feels better soon.

  • HI It may be menieres, or simple virtigo ( still not nice), low Iron/ferritin,low B12. or even heart ,some thing such as Atrial Fibrillation. Can I suggest when like this, promptly he/you do BP and also more importantly Heart rate ( Pulse) this needs to be done manually, not with a thumb, carotid artery easiest. is it uneven?. Then see a GP. Ask for a referral either to a specialist ENT who deals with that, they are selective now in which area. Or if appropriate a cardio who deals with electrical heart problems .Also the blood tests he needs including U`s and E`s, renal function.Also for thyroid, TSH, T4 and essential Free T3.

    Best wishes to both,


  • I have had vertigo for 2 years now. When it started I couldn't get up from sitting down it was like being in a washing machine. Other symptoms are your body generally feeling odd (when I walked it felt like my feet were sinking into the pavement), not being able to judge distances (When stopping to cross the road I would find it difficult to step down off the pavement onto the road), spinning sensations (either I was spinning or the world was spinning), headaches with a sensitive head (couldn't touch my head) and confusion. There are many different symptoms to vertigo, though your husbands seems heart related but these guys are really good:

    (You can talk to a nurse on this one)

    My initial vertigo attacked were odd too Sheenah and the doctor had no clue. Phone Brain and Spine I'm sure they can point you in the right direction. Good Luck xx

  • My husband had this and after several months had a heart attack, he had blocked arteries , so I would definatley get it checked out. No one has told us it was the cause, but he hasn't had them since he had stents fitted, he also used to snore and have sleep apnea, which has also stopped.

  • Get to the GP or ER PRONTO!!! I'm not sure why he's left it so long. My main concern is this sounds suspiciously like Angina or some other heart problem.

    Wishing him a speedy diagnosis and recovery.

  • Many Many thanks to everyone for their responses!! Strangely enough, he stopped having these attacks when he went on NDT a few weeks ago - lowered the dose by 30mg to make sure he wasn't taking too much - and promptly had one after 2 days on the lower meds - back on the higher dose and not had one since - we are watching carefully. He says a couple of times he has felt it coming on but has been able to control it with breathing and curtailed it. He went to the GP a few weeks ago about this and she said that she didn't know what it was - BP ok. His TSH was 2.71 (usual range) and T4 was low at 14.0 (in a range of 12.0 - 22.0) Total thyroxine was also low at 69 (in a range of 59 - 154). He says he feels better for going back on the higher dose. His Dad is hale and hearty at 88 - It was thyroid problems that killed his Mother in her early sixties - he is mid sixties now. I will keep you [posted - Many Thanks again! XXXXX

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