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is this normal?


Hello, I am a newbie to this site and I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction please. For the past few years I have been putting on weight and my body feels really hot . I am 53 and my doctors thinks its menopause but the heat going through my body is not like a quick flush but it goes on for ages especially in the morning and evening. I have been to the GP several times and she has done serum TSH : 1.0 miu/L [0.2-5.5] these are the results . The gp says normal but Im struggling to function. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance Dee

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You need more than TSH to get a full picture of your thyroid. You need




Thyroid antibodies

and it would be a good idea to also test

Vit D




If your GP can't get them all done then we have private labs where you can get a home fingerprick (or venous blood draw) test that covers all of the above.

Medichecks Thyroid Check Ultravit

Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus Eleven

Thanks very much for replying .

I forgot to mention I have fibromyalgia but I'm not sure that is really what I have I thought it may also be an auto immune issue.

Hi Dee

The trouble with just measuring tsh

Is that it doent give the clinician

The full picture

First of all thyroid hormones only measure

So much so sometimes you may

Need a different test

The doctors should measure your

Anti tpo's to see if there are

Any thyroid antibodies

Ok, really tired,

Also if you can , measure ft3 and ft4 too

Thanks so much for replying. I think I will pay private and have these blood done.

My GP is not a very understanding one.

I just know something is a miss with me..

Anti-tpo's will tell you if it is a thyroid autoimmune process

If it is , your tpo's will be elevated or over the range

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