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A newbie, but not sure I should really be here?

Having suffered symptoms for a number of years I went to see my nurse practioner last month. She did a blood test with result of: TFT's 3.0, FSH 8.7, CH (or is it LH? I can't read her writing) 4.7, Dest? 352, Ferratin 10.0

She said my levels were the top of normal and has repeated the blood test yesterday. Would these results indicate a problem with my thyroid?

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It is important to have the results of your blood tests, and the ranges they are being measured against, so I would suggest you ask for a print out of them. In the meantime though, might FSH 8.7 actually be TSH? If so, it is likely to be part of the reason for you feeling unwell. Many of us don't feel better until the TSH drops to one or below. Also, and I'm guessing here, I wonder if Dest might be Dvit instead? In which case 352 would be very high. But I think to properly understand what's going on with your bloods, ask for a printout which can be more accurately read than the nurse's handwriting, then post them again.


I'm going to stick my neck out here and make some guesses of my own :

TFT's 3.0 possibly means your TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is 3.0 and most people feel a lot better when it is lower.

FSH 8.7 possibly means Follicle Stimulating Hormone

CH? or LH? 4.7 might be Luteinising Hormone

Dest? 352 - I have absolutely no idea and no guesses either, except - could it be B12?

Ferretin 10.0 - if you are absolutely positive you have read this right then your level is appallingly low and you should start treating yourself with substantial doses of iron. Supermarket iron won't do.

Could the doctor have been testing you to see if you are approaching the menopause?

Please don't take this post seriously by the way - my guesses, based on your reading, of an uncaring doctor's scribbled notes is NOT a good basis on which to do anything!

Ask for a printout from the receptionist and post again. :)

Oh - and yes - with low ferritin and a TSH of 3? You would probably benefit a lot from posting here.


Oh and yes she tested me for menopause too and said at the time that my levels were all way up and no sign of the menopause, although NOW she reckons it is all to do with menopause? Could definitely be though I suppose as I am 49 in July. However I don't believe all my symptoms relate to menopause. Thanks for your support.


Just had a thought I bet it is Oest!! For Oestrogen!!! What a load of rubbish she has wrote for me :-( I am furious. I asked for my Thyroid results not the menopause ones!


With a TSH of 3.0 there is a good chance that was the only thyroid test that was done. Labs will often refuse to run a free T4 test if TSH is within the reference range.

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Annoying then that you have to go into full blown Hypo before they will treat you :-( Madness.


Hi Thanks for your replies: It defintely says TFT's 3.00 Which I too took to be TSH

I believe the FSH too to be Follicle Stimulating hormone (although no idea of it's relevance?)

Could definitely be an L not a C for LH (Luteinising Hormone)

No idea of the Dest either :-( Ferretin she is treating with Ferrous Fumarate 210mg twice a day

B12 was 597 (says range is 180 - 2000)

Folate 8.5 (Range 1.5 - 2.0)

Glucose 4.4

Cholestrol 5.0 (which is high for me...usually 3.2)

I will ask for a printout next week when I go :-) Is there anyway of adding a picture here? I could show the actual sheet she has written then?


those results are a nonsense to check thyroid function

you need


Free t4

Free t3

Thyroid Antibodies




its vital to have the actual results and the referance ranges too

Ferritin has several ranges but even using the lowest one of 6 to 150 yours is way way too low

in order to utilise Thyroxine Ferritin must be over halfway up in its range so on 6 to 150 it musty be 70 at minimum

on other ranges it needs to be over 150

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This is probably why I can't understand them lol! They have done another blood test yesterday too so I hope they havn't just done the same thing again!!! Yawn...I hate Drs! She actually said yesterday 'well you come so little we actually have no records to compare anything too!' I wonder why that is then! :-/


Puberty, pregnancy and menopause are often triggers for thyroid dysfunction because of elevated sex hormones. Sadly, I think you may have come to the right place.


Gosh, I asked for a print out of my Serum free T4 level, and that was an exhausting challenge.

The only readings I was given are,

serum free T4 15.6 which is normal

TSH is 0.1 but I see no reference to T3, this is the fine tuning blood test, don,t they check this here.

Should I ask for it to be done, and will it make any difference anyway, me knowing.Is the dosage changed

from looking at T3.

Thanks, Manukia


It's the difference between seeing a whole picture and partial picture, Manukia.

Labs are cutting costs by not automatically testing FT3 unless TSH is suppressed. If FT3 is low it may be necessary to add T3 to T4 but that's another battle.

If you feel unwell you might want to privately test FT3 to confirm that you are converting. Check out Blue Horizon or Genova on


I believe Oest is Oestradil a female hormone. Looks like your Dr was checking for Menopause.

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