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Can you help with my iron results please

Tested last Friday, they are:

Ferritin 82.5 (? - 400)

Serum iron 13 (11 - 30)

Transferrin 26%

MCHC 31.2 (32 to ?)

TIBC 50.3 (no range) but was 53.4 three months ago, and was higher still prior to that.

The doctor has marked them "normal - no action required" as they do, but I was planning to supplement again but I am confused with the TIBC. When I look on the NHS site it says that if you are low in iron the TIBC is high.

So now I'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts would be great.


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Compare yours to these.


Thanks Heloise. I'll take a look.


Total iron binding capacity tells how much more iron you can take, basically, so if low (normal in the States is like 260 to 400) you shouldn't supplement with iron until you find out why, especially since your iron is on the low end and your MCHC is also low (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration). You might want to ask the doctor why those numbers could be low, because they shouldn't be if all tests were "normal".


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