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Iron result help please

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Hi, here are recent iron numbers, can anyone shed light please? A nutritionist I see put me on B12 but not feeling better and symptoms of swing frim hypo to hyper thyroid could be iron - related? No energy!

Ferritin. 149.20 (30-70)

Folate 3.50.((15-25)

Serum iron 9.50 (15-23.7)

%trans sat 17.50. (20-35)


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I am not too hot on iron issues - however your stored iron (ferritin) looks high indicating the possibility of inflammation in the body. Serum iron and Folate look too low - below range. What has your GP said about your results ?

Was your B12 tested before supplementing ? If so what was your level ? How much are you taking now ?

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Fritillary339 in reply to Marz

Hi Marz thanks for the reply.

GP says its OK. But they also say my thyroid is OK but it's scraping along below bottom of range. I try to raise T4 but can only get up to 50/55mcg, any more and i get hyper symptoms although clearly under medicated. I also take Cynomel(1 2.5mcg day ). So I wondered if hyper symptoms are iron related.

B12 was tested 472.00 (450-800)

Expensive full private blood tedts from Optimal DX hence odd ranges.

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Marz in reply to Fritillary339

How much B12 are you taking ? Yes not ranges I am familiar with ?!

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Fritillary339 in reply to Marz

500mg in liquid format

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Myro in reply to Fritillary339

T4? What is level of FT3? What are symptoms of thyroid gland deficit hormones deficit. Numbers only show if reading symptoms are correct. No symptoms, no trouble means that it should be only regularly observed - tested. When adding thyroid gland medicine, symptoms of too much hormones can come out. It should be added slowly. Starting with 1/10 of adding goal dose. Raising every few days. Or going back if hyper symptoms come out.

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A nutritionist I see put me on B12 but not feeling better and symptoms of swing frim hypo to hyper thyroid could be iron - related? No energy!

The swinging from hypo to hyper is very likely due to your Hashi's.

Optimal iron panel levels according to are:

Serum iron: 55 to 70% of the range, higher end for men - yours is below range

Saturation: optimal is 35 to 45%, higher end for men - yours is below the range given at 17.5%

The above two results suggest possible iron deficiency.

The high ferritin result, as Marz says, could be inflammation.

Folate 3.50.((15-25)

That's a strange range for folate but regardless your level is very low and could suggest folate deficiency.

When taking B12 we should also take a B Complex to balance all the B vitamins. Are you taking one?

Hi SSThank you. Weird ranges, yes, first time usung ODX for expensive bloods via nutritionist.

Im taking sublingual methyl B complex, whicu contains thiamin, riboflavin, niacin , b6, folate, methylcobalamin, biotin, pantothenic, made by Quicksilver.

Thanks for link re RT3 adrenals

So maybe Hashis is really playing up.

Wonder if I should take iron supplements

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Fritillary339


Wonder if I should take iron supplements

Your doctor should prescribe as regular monitoring every couple of months will be required.

As your B Complex contains Biotin, this should be left off for 3-7 days before any blood test as it gives false results when biotin is used in the testing procedure (which most labs do).

When having iron tests you should fast for 12 hours before, water is allowed. If taking iron tablets these should be left off for 7 days before the an iron test.


Your serum iron & T/S% are under-range meaning you are extremely iron deficient inspite of a raised ferritin level. This is exact reason why an iron panel is so important.

Ferritin is an inflammation marker so could be raised due to possible elevated thyroid antibodies that would fall in line with your 'swings'. Have you had CRP checked?

Have you had Vit D checked? Folate needs supplementing too.

Medicating T3 with inadeqaute iron levels is notorious for making you feel jittery & hyper.

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virginia56 in reply to radd

I notice that ferritin goes very high after vaccination.

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Fritillary339 in reply to radd

Hi RaddThanks for reply. My CRP is flagged as high at 22. 40. Vit D also under range. B12 under. Am noev supplementing oral B 12 and D3/K2 but maybe i need something stronger.

iron supplementation seems v complicated

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radd in reply to Fritillary339


I think it would be best to speak with your doctor re supplementing iron because you are so deficient, and dosing would need to be monitored. It is absolutely not ok to leave these levels as they are and further investigations should be done to eliminate anaemia.

Have you had thyroid antibodies TPOAb & TGAb tested? By establishing if they are high you will know a possible cause for your inflammation and could take steps to try reducing by adopting a gluten free diet, supplementing selenium, etc. Optimising Vit D levels will also help as is an immune modulator.

Folate(B9) works with VitB12 to help create, develop & regenerate RBC, and make iron work properly. They can be supplemented as Methylfolate and Methylocobalamin. Have you got gut issues that could be causing malabsorption issues?

If your GP refuses to treat you, print off the NICE guidelines for treating iron deficiency in the link below and present it to him.

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Daffers123 in reply to radd

Thanks and yes, I do have gut issues, have had for some time. Try to address them. I am GF and take selenium .

I will ask the GP about the anaemia. (if I can get to one, they are still hiding in my area).

thank you

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How much levothyroxine are you currently taking

When were TSH, Ft4 and Ft3 last tested

Do you always get same brand levothyroxine at each prescription

ALWAYS test as early as possible in morning before eating or drinking anything other than water and last dose levothyroxine 24 hours before test

Have you had coeliac blood test done, are you now on strictly gluten free diet or tried it

HI and thanks for reply

These iron tests were done in June. At that time I was on NDT - 1 grain plus 12.5 mcg cynomel. My T4 was tested then, and again 2 weeks ago and remains very low:T4 8.5 (12-22)

T3 5.8 (3.2-5.8).

TSH 0.75

NP had their latest recall and I was doubtful of the strength of what I had been using so I have reverted to synthetics and am trying to rebuild tolerance to T4 so currently on 55mcg Levo and 12.5 T3 and slowly increasing . I have struggled for 2 years to get T4 up and am now wondering if the iron is the issue.

I do also have gut problems, but can't establish if its too high stomach acid or too low. Its tricky to find supplements etc. which I am able to tolerate. I can't take HCL Betaine

My anti bodies were also tested and remain TPO 133 and TGo fairly near bottom.

Thank you

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Daffers123

So high thyroid antibodies confirms autoimmune thyroid disease also called Hashimoto’s

Gluten intolerance and/or lactose intolerance are very common

Are you or have you tried either gluten free diet or dairy free diet or both

Which brand of levothyroxine are you currently taking

If lactose free diet you need lactose free levothyroxine

Low stomach acid is very common issue, thousands of posts on here about that

Web links re low stomach acid and reflux and hypothyroidism


Ever tried Apple cider vinegar to increase stomach acid

Protect your teeth if using ACV

Folate obviously needs improving too

thanks for the info. Lots to digest. I m gluten free already . Should perhaps stop dairy and see if it makes a difference. Only tolerate Wockhardt 25mcg tablets.Will give ACV a go, soundsn ice and natural.

I will start going through the links you sent

What is your B12 level? Have a look at the Pernicious Anaemia society and their page on Health Unlocked. I only got diagnosed after the lab automatically tested because my b12 was so low (I had always previuosly dismissed it as don't display all of the symptoms). If you have PA you won't be able to absorb the B12 orally so supplements won't make you feel better, only injections. With regard to your iron, recommend you take a ferrous fumerate supplement, rather than the more normally prescribed ferrous sulphate. If you go onto the pernicious aneamia page, there is an excellent thread about this.

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Fritillary339 in reply to TFH1

TFH1 i can't thank you enough for this info, including the ferrous fumarate suggestion. Just like you i wsant too worried about low B22.Did you get better? What's ongoing for you as a result?


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TFH1 in reply to Fritillary339

Treatment is b12 injections for life - have a look at Martyn Hooper's books on b12 on Amazon - even the free sample on kindle very informative. PA also affects your stomach acid. If you do have this it's important you find out as the consequences are wide ranging and serious.

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Fritillary339 in reply to TFH1

Well, thanks to you i made a phone call to private specialist Iron Clinic, spoke to consultant, who heard my results and diagnosed low Iron with need for infusions for life. !!! B12 OK for now but will need monitoring.He reeled off all my symptoms which I've had for years and says all should improve after first infusion which is in 3 weeks. I'm slightly in shock after 8 years of expensive tests that this wasn't picked up sooner. He said doctors ignore iron as its v complicated.

I can't thank you enough for your advice. At least I've a hope now, if feeling better in a few weeks.

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radd in reply to Fritillary339


That’s great news 😊

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Daffers123 in reply to radd

thanks Radd. Where would we all be without the Forum!

Good luck with the iron infusions - have they suggested a reason for your iron being so chronically low?

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Daffers123 in reply to TFH1

He said quite a lot of stuff but I wasn't really taking it in properly due to shock! I remember him saying gastric issues/low stomach acid/dietary triggers/anti bodies/Hashis...He did explain it well at the time, its me and brain fog. I will let you know how I get on after my infusion...he warned me I wouldnt feel too good for a week after. Did you suffer many side effects?

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Daffers123 in reply to TFH1

Hello, just to let you know that I have had the consultation and the infusion. He said mine is a genetic condition and no amount of supplementation would help. apparently I will need infusions for life. I do feel very much better since the infusion, more energy and more cheerful! He recommended I pursue my gut issues which he thinks gastritis, probably auto immune, absorption issues. there is an AI specialist working at same hospital so will have a consultation, in case he can suggest anything to help

Really glad to hear the infusion went well and you're feeling a bit better. How regularly will you be getting them? my issues related to low stomach acid / gastritis caused by Pernicious Anaemia and exacerbated by absorption problems caused by Coeliac Disease added to which I basically had diarrhoea for about 25 years. It has been a combination of cutting out gluten and most dairy and increasing my probiotic intake with homemade daily kefir that has stabilised my digestion. I still need to take daily iron and ferritin and monthly b12 jabs though as it seems dietary intake will never be enough for me. It sounds as though you have got a good consultant, which is lucky as I think many just have to bumble through without any meaningful medical input.

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Daffers123 in reply to TFH1

Hi and thanks for writing.

I will need annual blood tests which will decide how often I have them. As I am 65, maybe only every 2 years. Interesting to read what you had to deal with though, with PA. He said my B12 was fine (it was only half way in the range, on here I read we need more?) Told me to take folate.

I would love to hear what you have done to improve your gut, Im so impressed as mine is exceedingly troublesome. Am GF for 3 years, but think really its been an unrecognised issue all my life. I have frequent stomach attacks, twice or three times a week sometimes.

Problem is my husband's only social life involves eating out, which is a killer for me as so many places don't thoroughly address gluten free, and so many things I daren't eat cos of gastritis.

Please point me in the direction of how to make keffir as I am desperate to try anything which might help. I'm so fed up with being awake all night with diahorrea pains and racing pulse. Isn't it draining.

Are you able to eat normally now (apart from GF) ? Do you follow a low acid diet ?

I have made appt with the Auto Immune specialist for October. I don't hold out too much hope that he can help with the gut, but the iron guy was so great and recommended this one, that it must be worth a try. It is so amazing to meet a consultant who 'gets it'.

Best wishes


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