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Just some info for those using Carnitine for hyper symptoms. I use it and originally used l carnitine before changing to acetyl. Found both worked well but at a high dose 4000 -4500 mg daily. Less did not stop the palpitations completely. However I am now using an l carnitine product bought on eBay made by olimp-supplements. Seller was hemansupple. The capsules contain 1500mg L Carnitine each and I am taking 2 a day ( 3000mg) morning and night. It's got other stuff like green tea extract etc. It is working brilliantly even at the lower dose. Only on it a week but the last niggling symptoms have gone ( rashes/sun sensitive eyes ) Def the best Carnitine product I have tried. Not expensive either ! Just in case anyone is interested !

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Hi Linnet, I appear to swing between hyper and hypo &/or display symptoms of both simultaneously. I haven't heard of taking carnitine. If you have the patience, could you say what, in lab results, would I see carnitine impacting i.e. what does it increase or reduce? Do you think it'd help my above situation?

I also get blisters on elbows. I thought it was eczema, and then hypo. But now that you've mentioned rashes, I'm thinking it may be the hyper.



Hi, very happy to help, I have had a grim journey with this disease and after almost 4 Yeats am only well now. I have hyper symptoms but all tests indicate Has his. The hyper symptoms have never burnt out with me though. I also have hypo symptoms, weight gain, carpal tunnel, muscle pain, exhaustion. The hyper stuff is worse though, desperate overheating, double vision, arrhythmia, palpitations and rashes that nothing shifts.

Fell out with docs in January, they wanted to medicate for heart even though cardiologist says its my thyroid, not my heart.

Was at rock bottom, very sick and felt totally hopeless. Got a grip and started researching. I cut out all junk/additives/gluten etc. Ate meat, fruit and veg. Took 200mg selenium ( for autoimmune disease) and after reading online ( life extension magazine ) about L Carnitine decided to try it. Within 1 week I was better, in 2 I was brilliant. No arrhythmia, palpitations, blood pressure normalized, overheating totally gone and I feel energetic and well and I can sleep. 3 months on and I am flying. Off all meds, no carb or beta blockers. It's a miracle !!

Basically the L carnitine controls the hyper symptoms by reducing receptor uptake and slightly reduces thyroid activity. Its mainly a blocking effect though, does not significantly effect thyroid itself. Works like a beta blocker but without the side effects. The paleo type diet helps the autoimmune aspect as does the selenium. Has worked for me - I am transformed - everyone comments on it ! Feel free to ask anything, will help if I can. Good luck !


I too started taking the L-Carnitine and I have now also introduced Acetyl-Carnitine and like you, the difference is totally amazing. I only get mine from Holland and Barratt. I take 2 L-Carnitine, 1 morning and 1 evening and 1 Acetyl-Carnitine in the evening. For the first time in months I actually feel normal. No palpitations and loads of 'healthy' energy. So totally agree with everything you say.


For anyone interested in what Carnitine can do, this is a research paper, but there is plenty on it if you Google.


I am on block and replace, 40 of Carbimazole and 100 Thyroxine. Do you think taking Carnitine will help?


Not sure how it will work with block and replace. Even 10 mg of Carb daily took me from being severely hyper to hypo in less than 3 weeks. It was suggested I go on block and replace but I did not like the idea. I was too afraid to take high dose Carb. Instead I took really low doses but it was difficult to remain stable and the blood work did not match the symptoms. L carnitine works for me and others have had much success too. If your treatment regime is working I would stick with it - if you are still unwell it's worth considering. Lindsey


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