L-carnitine to Treat Graves Disease

I'm well over Grave's Disease now. However, In retrospect, I wonder if I had taken L-carnitine instead of Methimazole to treat the condition would my results have more favorable and my metabolism not crash.

Has anyone taken L-carnitine or another natural supplement to treat their Grave's Disease instead of going the prescribed drug route?

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  • I took L-Carnitine (3000mg) for a few months and it didnt seem to make any difference. I also tried Bugleweed, Lemon Balm and Motherwort all recommended for Graves.

    Believe me, I wanted them to work, but didnt even get the 'placebo' effect!

  • :-(! Hmmm....

  • Hi there,

    Good to hear that you're doing well.

    When you say that you are well over Graves now, do you mean that you are in remission, and not on any medication? And if so, how long has your remission been?

    I'm a fellow Graves sufferer, and mostly I've found that the professionals tend to poo poo any long remission as rare.

    I'm obviously hoping to be one of the few that remains well!


  • Yes. I am in remission and no longer on meds. I've been off meds for 19 months and doing well.

    Doctors are quick to dismiss patient's concerns.

  • Hi Yosay,

    Anything special that you're doing to remain well?

    Arab. 😊

  • I eliminated poultry and fruit from my diet which I discovered was causing inflammation. I take a daily vitamin that contains b12, folate, vita d.

    What caused your graves disease?

  • Just so you know my graves disease was caused by taking to much of a diet support supplement. It caused my thyroid to go into hyper mode. The meds (methimazole) then sent me into hypo mode.

  • Genetics! And stress I think.


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