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I don't have to have RAI!

Hi there,

I'm doing a happy dance as I don't have to have RAI. They found a 2.5cm fully encapsulated papilliary thyroid tumour on one side and then I had the other side of my thyroid removed two weeks ago. They found a 2mm microcancer in that side but my consultant said she's happy for me to not have RAI.

She also said that they are doing more with Iodine 123 in Nottingham meaning fewer days in isolation for those who do have RAI. I assume from this, that they are somehow using an ablative dose of 123 instead of 131 though I cant find much about it on the internet as far as ablative usage is concerned. Plus they do the Thyrogen injections (so going hypo not necessary!). I'm really pleased to hear this as it makes me feel better about having it in the future should it come to that. Does anyone know more aboyt the I123 and ablation?

Melissa :)

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Sorry you had no replies - maybe someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up form latest activity...



Congrats! :) x


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