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Endo says I don't have hashi, gyne says I do :/

Went to gynaecologist today. She interviewed me and based on my previous thyroid tests she said of course it is hashimoto. Asked me why I am not on medication and if not how come I have not been offered to.

I told her endo said it is IBS and she started to laugh.

She said I should see Rheumatologist who understands autoimmune diseases as I could have so much going on.

She did inner or is it called ultrasound vaginally out of blue as she felt something was not right.

She found a lot of fluids in the bowel. Ovaries and uterus healthy.

Well I have been very bloated as usual and I wonder if thyroid can cause fluid retention can it be just in your stomach are as otherwise I am not swollen except right side of my face?

I guess there was no sign of anything worse as she said nothing that could cause fluids.

I ate some chocolate last week every day and my whole system from throat to bowel seems to be inflamed. No diarrhoea, just very very bloated and sort of painful.

Could that swelling cause malabsorbtion?

Me so tired.

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What kind of chocolate? Was it plain or did it have milk in it? Do you have issues with any other types of foods? You should keep a food diary to check.


I have been intolerant to dairy for 20 years. Can't eat a lot , I always end up feeling awful. But last week I sort of didn't care...


I am so interested to read the replies you will get to your post. I haven't any advice to offer myself as I'm new on here but I know the others will. Fingers crossed for you.


Dear Justina

Have you had a CA125 blood test done yet ? It would be an idea if not, to discuss what you mention in your post with your GP (chiefly about the fluid in your abdomen) and get this blood test done without delay.

I am not an expert and I do not wish to concern you. However, the symptoms you have just described are similar to what a GP may look for when considering ovarian cancer.

I hope I have done the right thing in giving you this information. Please understand that it is from personal experience that I say this and that you may not have ovarian cancer, but it would be prudent for you to check it out further.

Let me know how you get on xxx



Thanks, and no worries, I am not that type anymore that gets over worried :)

the gynecologist did not find any reason and the ultra sound which she did is actually very good. She was worried for feeling something and did the scan vaginally without asking , but nothing malicious showed up.

Naturally I will discuss about this with a doctor as whatever it is might be reason for having such uncomfortable feeling, tho I have had it for 16 years and all other normal blood test shows nothing wrong except thyroid.

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Fantastic 😊 I hope you get to the bottom of it soon xxx



You previously advised of Yersinia Enterocolitica which can trigger Hashimoto’s disease by molecular mimicry because it’s surface proteins look identical to thyroid tissue to the immune system (much like Lyme Disease.).

Hashimotos is diagnosed by a high count of antithyroglobulin (ATG) and//or anti-thyroid peroxidase (TPO) but I can't find a positive test result in your previous posts ... have you had one?

Elevated thyroglobulin is made in the thyroid gland and used as marker for thyroid cells when patients have had a thyroidectomy but I read thyroid inflammation can also bring about high levels of thyroglobulin. You also showed iodine deficiency on your original post.

You have many so allergies and intolerances. When our immune responses are constantly overloaded and become exhausted we end up with fatigue, gut issues, nutrient deficiencies, anaemia, food sensitivities, hypoglycaemia, weight gain, cold intolerance, etc .. and this cycle becomes self-sustaining.

I found the Cyrex Laboratories Array 4 Gluten Associated and Cross Reactive Foods Sensitivity Test very informative. Can you get this in Finland ? ? ... ( I am in UK but had to send blood plasma to America). This will show foods that your body is finding difficult to tolerate and to what degree ( both glutenous & gluten free).

Have you looked into a protocol to keep Yersinia Enterocolitica in a dormant state ?With such bad gut issues you are likely to have many deficiencies. Have you been tested recently for Vit B12, Vit D, ferritin and folate ?. Vit D is mega important for immune system function.

Have you looked into iodine treatment ?. Remember thyroid hormone replacement ONLY replaces missing hormone & although has been shown to help suppress Hashi attacks will not address other autoimmune issues.

Justina, we all have days when we "just don't care" but try to look after yourself. Positive psychology brings huge benefits to our health. You could post a question re Yersinia Enterocolitica for other members experiences.

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have you checked out at all? I can't be 100% certain they would do the same tests but they are UK based.


Yeah, I am now aware of connection between yersinia and hashimoto and I have asked it so many times from doctors ,but they have no clue :/

I found out a year ago I had yersinia antibodies 1993 and 2003, I see a strong connection there and for me it makes perfect sense! I have not been tested since 2003, but I think that is why the gynecologist suggested to see rheumatologist. So I have no idea how to deal with it. I know some doctor say best way to get rid of it are some herbs , but guess what, those doctors dont live here.

B12 and folate has been tested, B12 was low and I am supplementing. Folate was good. Ferritin not tested as I have high haemoglobin. Vitamin D was not tested as I was supplementing.

I am sure I have deficiencies as I have been so ill at some point, but hard to get tested!!! Test you mention sounds good, I will see if it is something I could get done.

I am somewhat deficient to iodine based on urine test, BUT based on other factors tested, doctor who has evaluated my full thyroid panel twice says it is not iodine related and recommended levo or lio. Supplementing iodine has not resolved my issues, more so worsened them and FT3 remains low.

I thought iodine could resolve all the issues, but later on I have learned that iodine does not affect T3 levels that much.

I have had my stool tested and all other factors are good, no malicious bacteria or anything BUT my e.coli and enterococcus species are low or missing. Low e.coli is related to autoimmune diseases, that was low, but just below the line. Low E.coli is also related to low tyrosine which naturally would affect T3. Enterococcus I was missing completely, about that bacteria there is very little information available, but possibly related to vitamin B. So for some reason my gut has not bounced back since antibiotics during 1993 to 1998.

My TPOab is in range, but I have been told that it could be down to fact I have been gluten free for so long and now only thyroglobulin antibodies are present.



Elevated thyroglobulin antibodies mean Hashimotos.

If you are deficient in iodine it will need replacing as is needed for the production of thyroid hormone. If you do not have enough iodine in your body, you cannot make enough thyroid hormone. There is much literature to say when supplementing iodine it needs to be balanced with selenium for good tolerance when thyroid antibodies are present..

If your doctor recommended Levo//Lio in preference to iodine are you medicating ? Levothyroxine contains iodine anyway.

The stomach and small intestine should be free from micro-organisms and having yersinia can create havoc. When there are pathogens, etc, living in the gut foods are fermented instead of digested and unwanted toxins have to be detoxified by the liver. Overspill that the liver can't deal with will re-poison the circulatory system and result in production of free radicals, inhibiting mitochondria and heighten immune responses so fuelling allergies, etc.

I agree low Escherichia coli will effect tyrosine levels and so healthy thyroid hormone production. E-coli ferments to produce folic acid, vitamin K2 (protecting against osteoporosis), Co-enzyme Q10 (helping mitochondrial function) and tyrosine and phenylalanine (pre-cursors of dopamine) and tryptophan (pre-cursor of serotonin) which is responsible for gut motility.

Are you supplementing E.coli and & other probiotics to improve gut health ? ?

I read that Bifidobacterium is safer to supplement than Enterococcus Faecium .


Iodine & selenium


Serotonin & The Gut.


Enterococcus Faecium can infect the stomach.


I was taking bifidobacterium longum as I figured it would be smart to replace one thing at the time and bifidobacterium longum can help to reduce histamine.

I always end up having stomach ache and diarrhoea after a while.

Mutaflor was not recommended by a doctor as it can be malicious too even though it is routinely given to people who have for example Chrons to reduce the inflammation. I figured my e.coli was not so low it would make a huge difference so instead I am taking hazelnuts as those seem to be beneficial for e.coli, figs or dates and something else was too.

In Finland I have access to a lot of healthy berries that comes with natural healthy bacteria as you pick them from the nature and eat them. All berries, blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, cranberries and buckthorn are very good for gut health. I eat those every day, I have approximately 300 liters of different berries each fall in my freezer.

Resistant starch seems to be the magic thing for me. So I eat potatoes.

I do no think iodine is the issue as when I fell ill 16 years ago I ate normally and if I had been deficient to iodine for all of these years it should have shown differently. I am low on iodine, that I agree. But like I said doctor who evaluated my full thyroid panel did not see reason to go 10 days testing for chronic deficiency. Based on the test and symptoms they figured out iodine is not the culprit, but I should supplement some. Besides taking iodine did not change my T3, only lowered TT4, which was way under the range even though urine levels showed ok consumption of iodine. So I supplement some, but it is not a magic cure for me.

But doctors over here refuse to treat me, so the doctors opinion of the private lab does not count, even though the doctor evaluating thyroid panel is professional, but not finnish. That evaluation is not just a piece of paper with few words. It is five page very detailed package of how thyroid hormones work, what I should supplement and do, but on top of that they see I would benefit from levo/lio as it is individual evaluation based on my symptoms and test results. Finnish doctors are very curious, one took copies of all the papers I had and said she wants to learn how it is really dealt with, but she is GP in private practice so she is not allowed to prescribe levo or lio, only endo could, but they dont have endo.

Selenium i have been taking with iodine as that was adviced. My selenium levels were lowish, but got them up to normal level in a year.

I assume inflammation going on for so long without help has maybe damaged some receptors or something and nothing I do is not giving me full relief.

So I have clean diet for years, no sugar, no processed food, home made good proper food with proper protein, fats and good carbs. I take B12, complex B, iodine, selenium, l-glutamine, vitamin A, K2 , D3 and magnesium. And occasionally probiotics. But something is still missing. But I am about to take another thyroid panel to see what is going on now.



I take psyllium husk as a prebiotic but am reading that resistant starch in potatoes is now preferred.. Your potatoes are the first choice but I believe cold is better than hot. Cold is also slightly lower on the GI and RS lowers blood sugars ... amazing..

I'll be eating more from now on. .. lol .

You sound well read up on gut health. Post thyroid hormone test results for members to comment.

I hope you find some relief soon.


yeah I boil, cool and slightly re-heat the potatoes, works for me! I would not eat raw potatoes like some do.

I have psyllium husk but never remember to do so. Over here you can also use potato flours as it is pure , but not so tempting idea and I rather eat my potatoes as they are simply so delicious :D

Will take me some weeks to get the test done and results as I live in bad place and need to use American company to have my test done.

And thanks, I hope so too, it is physically getting so bad, at the moment my inner thighs are so inflamed I can barely walk, because I have been on my feet for too many days :/


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