on 75mg of levo per day

am also trying to lose weight and told constanty breakfast is king - so you get up take levo then cant eat for a half hour to an hour - by the time you wait for this time to elapse I no longer feel hungry and not bother until lunch - so I thought (in my wisdom) lol that maybe I should take levo last thing at night - could someone advise on this please

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  • im going to trry taking it last thing at night and see what happens (even though on the tablets themselves it says take in the morning ...

  • The Patient Information Leaflets take forever to be updated - the "official" papers which have endorsed bed-time dosing as an option have really only been out for a few years and it is still amazing when a medic even knows about them.

    Did you see the poll and the comments on it?



  • It's definitely worth a try, you'll have to post on here how you get on with the change.

  • I take mine at night and find it works better. My sleeping has improved and it makes it a lot easier to take supplements during the day. Having said that I often eat later on holiday so reverse it then. When I took it in the mornings I took on waking and then settled down to read HealthUnlocked so the time passed quickly! But I am retired so don't have to dash out of the house for work.

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