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Feeling out of my depth!


Having earlier this evening posted my blood results and convincing myself after all helpful posts that I am likely to be diagnosed with Hashis I am gobsmacked to do research on my para thyroid hormone levels it stands at 10.8 with the word HI written next to it however my calcium levels are within normal ranges 2.31 mmol/L ( 2.2 -2.6)

After reading up on several sites I am also displaying all the symptoms of para hyperthyroidism which has alarmed me because at no point has my gp referred to this he has in his defence referred me to the endocrinologist who I see next week but now I'm fretting over yet another possible disease/condition can anyone shed light on this condition please x

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You can read up on it at hyperparathyroid.org.uk, also lots of people with experience of hpth ready to answer your questions.

hi there Deanna , please please don't fret ....firstly your doctor has spotted a problem and seems to be referring you to the correct place ....secondly you need to know that this is only the 1st stage ,but ,it will not be the end and you WILL be able to overcome whatever with the right help === from whoever === and that includes your doctor ...always remember that when you worry about something the problem is far greater than it actually is ....you sound like your in good hands .....I hope this may have helped you in some way .....alan xxx

deanna69 in reply to alangardner

Thanks Alan for your positive post I think I do over analyse things but I think that's what comes of being in a medical profession! I will let you know next week after my consultation x

all negative things can be turned around 180 degrees....... if YOU want to ....try to be ultra positive and remember to always learn from setbacks ---- you will be better for it ....I really think that you will get there [ although it may or may not take time ] .....take onboard ALL information from your gp as well as other properly informed people and use it in the correct way AND YOU WILL GET THERE ---- I have and it has been astronomicably superb for my lady .......alan xxx

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