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Pain In The Neck - poem

- just want to share :-)


I've posted this on FB thyroid sites but wanted to share here too. Hope that is ok?

It is not written by me but describes my life perfectly. I'm guessing it will with a lot of you too!

Feel free to comment if you wish, thanks, I doubt I will reply as I just want to share :-)

Pain in the neck!

I think it started in my teens

Throughout my life, ‘was in my genes’

Lurking like some hidden mystery

But clear to see from medical history.

Fatigue, grey hair, and menstrual hell

Endometriosis, scarletina, glandular fever as well.

In better times, was still not ‘great’

My weight and moods would fluctuate.

Fainting standing on my feet,

Low iron, B.P., could not compete.

Outside the sun became an allergy

More drugs to take and mindless quackery.

And even as I grew in years,

More chronic symptoms soon appeared.

Wasted time in patient chairs,

Wondering how come no one cared.

I soon had children of my own,

Pregnancy fatigued me to the bone.

No blooming phase, just weak and weighty

Iron depletion, feeling fainty.

But following birth, my weight did plummet,

Massive hunger, fatigue was chronic.

More mindless chat, sympathetic stares,

‘I’m tired’, ‘new mum’, condescending ‘there there’s’.

A few years on, just before turning thirty,

Menstrual hell returns aplenty.

So bad I prayed this was ‘the change’

Lost so much blood, depleted, drained.

And still the white coats left me suffering

Day to day, fatigued and struggling.

‘It’s hormones dear, it will come right,’

But other friends were all alright?

Each day I froze down to my bones

In summer sun, out or at home.

and twenty odd repeat infections,

Still they missed the plain connection.

My hair was brittle, came out in handfuls

My skin so sore, now feeling dreadful.

Every ounce of energy, to rise from bed,

Walking zombie, living dead.

And then one day between my naps,

I chose to research all these facts.

Found support groups, online saviours

Explained in full, these strange behaviours.

My thyroid gland, plain and simple

Obvious cause, affecting many people.

And all those years of inaccurate blood tests,

Not one white coat, gave this diagnosis.

So now on meds, the ‘natural kind’.

I feel my health approaching ‘fine’,

I can maintain a normal life,

Worker, mother and a wife!

So please, if these words strike a chord,

You’re feeling weak with energy floored,

Don’t let them say ‘it’s in your head’

Stand up and fight, not lay down dead!

Written by Z.M. Fillingham

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Yup, she's nailed hypothyroidism all right :-D

Thanks for posting that.

Well written, I think many of us will relate to those words i now I can.

If only I had a printer I would print it so that I could send the poem to an endocrinologist i took to tribunal ( I one my case ) how I would love to poke that where the sun dont shine. :-(

I hate him with a vengeance for all the years he wasted of my life with his wrong diagnosise, sounds like you have also had a tough time.

Thanks for poem, I have been there done that, so sympathise, it has spoilt my whole life! In my 60,s now, not too bad at the moment, well, I can,t see any more that can be done....I had goitre for years, it grew and grew, then my thyroid level crashed, Docs told me that they were waiting for just that to happen....never told me that! It's taken nearly 18 yrs to feel, remotely well, still feeling exhausted all the time though!


I definitely relate. So sad that so many can.