Couple of months ago in "Pulse" referred to the above and the risk regarding the elderly patients being prescribed Diclofenec. A couple of days before that I was given IM Diclofenec by a GP.

My comment to Pulse was " I am hypothyroid and hashimotos, I was given IM Diclofenec by GP in spite of asking whether it was OK "

The reply by Anonymous person was "Waite a minute, this ruling has just come out.Do you expect your GPto be CLAIRVOYANT"

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  • LOL, no, we just expect doctors to keep up with their own literature. No consulting with the dearly departed required. :)

  • The arrogance!

  • Well said. I have copied two articles for the surgery which will present them next week. One on Deflofenec and other on Amoxil. Then may be I have to look for different GP.

  • They should be up to date, other professions have to be. The difference being other professions are unlikely to kill you.

  • May be that's what they want. One less to deal with.

  • I'm sure you're right. Look what's happening to the elderly in hospitals! Life has suddenly become very cheap in this country.

    I don't expect my GP to be an expert in everything, but I do expect to be referred to doctors who do have expertise. I also expect doctors not to harm me, but I'm afraid they have many times, l'm disabled through medical negligence.

    You'd think with them being the brightest, the 7 years training or how long it is these days, being paid more than the Prime Minister you could trust their judgement, and rely on them to make you as well as you can be. It doesn't seem to be happening.

  • Hi Helcaster

    I really think it's all to do with materialism. Of course there are those who are very good. But, they all must be good. I went into training later 50's, my father told me when you go to the patients bed side first look up, he meant God was watching my actions.

  • Yes I've come across good doctors on my 16 year medical merry go round, but these good doctors didn't diagnose me. The problem is the way medicine is set up, I had a hand and wrist doctor, a shoulder doctor, a spine doctor, a feet and ankle doctor, I could go on and on, there was never any cross fertilisation between any of them, therein lies the Achilles's heal of Western medicine.

    My hand and wrist doctor who I grew very fond of, gave me the best advice ever, he treated me as a whole person with feelings. He told me to do whatever I can to live my life and experience as much pleasure as possible, whether it be in the mountains, and or in my case infront of a good live rock band! His wise words have stayed with me.

  • Hi Helcaster.

    i know the feeling. i had a brilliant GP for almost 30 years. 2 years ago he was pushed out of my surgery by practice manager. I can only say because he was popular and some times he would run surgery until11pm. Since then my thyroid is not looked after as well also seeing different locum each time.

  • Hi Afaghieh, that's so upsetting when you lose a good doctor like that, I don't think there are many old school doctors around now, who are not obsessed with numbers and their computer screen.

    When you have any chronic condition, continuity is vitally important, but difficult to get it seems.

  • Well, they are proposing to have a name DR for over 75s

  • Probably best to slag off your GP on this forum rather than their own forum ;)

  • True. At the same time it's good for the fellow members to reed the comments.

  • :-D Do you have a link to the article? I would be interested to read it.

  • Hi Clutter

    With pleasure. Just Google Diflofenec.And pick the one which says"drug regulator puts tighter restriction on Diflofenec use" on this page is showing hand of an elderly person.

  • I'd also like to read the article although I think I might have one of the best GPs who always keeps his eye on the ball and knows what effects me most.

  • Hi rOdg3r

    With pleasure. Google Diflofenec and choose the one says"Srug regulator puts tighter restrictions on diflofenec use" on this page shows a hand of elderly person.

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