Im new on here im looking to get tests done

If i go to my gp and ask for some tests they always come back in range .i was given levo and then changed to armour by dr s myhill snd had private prescriptions and was wuite alot going back to my gp now they will do it over again or tefuse and im classed as a nusiance as they cant find out whats really wrong with me .ive had a bad gut for years and they never got that sorted so im going around again where do i go for thevtests i need please i live in th midlands and am disabled please has anyone else had gut isdues and can they be related to the thyroid im sure my adrenals are upset too thanks

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  • Welcome Magic,

    Gut issues are massively massive in hypothyroidism .... Happy reading ..


    Thyroid & Gut Function


    Gluten and Thyroid


    Low Stomach Acid


    Reduced Bile Flow to the Duodenum in Hypothyroidism.


    Guts & CFS


    Adrenal & Thyroid Issues.


    When GP's are awkward regarding tests, members use private labs. (T3 is the important one).

    Private labs testing


    Magic, post any recent blood test results, complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment. There are many reasons for experiencing hypothyroid symptoms whilst having supposedly "normal" blood test results.

  • Thsnkd i will i was a patient of dr myhill and was diagnosed with cfs leaky gut candida all of which she and i couldnt put right thats why im still looking most patients seem to get better on thyroid meds the ithet bits fit in to place but thanks so much im not on my own ive fone lots better when i on hcl and i can t eat no dtarch sugar fruit ive been very strict for a long time morecthan paleo should we say but it never went away so somethings a miss ive had so many tests no ones found anythi g but they told me i had 8 weeks to live 11yrs ago im still judt here 👍💕

  • Magic777 have you ever done an elimination diet. I am sure that you will have but thought it worth asking. Have you ever had or taken probiotics? Have you ever tried any natural therapies? Leaky gut was the decider - I read your other post and wondered. If you hope to get well that is one of the first things to look at. So very many health problems originate in the gut and until that is fixed you won't be. I can give you some suggestions that are worth trying if you haven't already.

  • I have tried but willing to look at alternatives ty

  • you say you have candida and cfs. The latter may or may not be a symptom of the first and, yes there is a link between candida and thyroid - though which came first, the chicken or the egg, is still open to debate.

    Do you follow any particular diet protocol or have you simply eliminated starch, sugar and fruit. Is your food cooked or raw, hot or cold? If you have had years of treatment what have you done to restore your digestive tract? Are you currently on any medications? What probiotics did you take?

  • Ive fone sn anti candida diet for about 8 yers on and off tried to heal my gut still trying i had a fecal transplant last year i eat two meals a day veg no potatoes or bread no rice no sugar green tea no milk cant eat nuts or seeds a bit of butter lots of suppliments but if late i was so tired and cold i are grains weight went up had worse tummy started disrrohea i cant digest alot now take betain hcl im so tired all the time csnt execcise now and lots of joint psins

  • Stopped probiotics were making me worse ear kraut an kimichi think i had sibo or sifo too no wheat dairy fish oil vit c d magmrsiun zinc

  • Oh Magic, it must be awful for you. That candida overgrowth has a terrible hold on your body. Did they fill you full of anti-biotics? And, yes, saurkraut and kimichi can actually feed the candida when it is so wide spread. It is the wild yeast ferment. They can also go through you like a dose of salts if you eat too much. There is a better alternative but I'll leave that out for the moment and come back to it.

    Is the diet you are using on the internet or did you get it from a book? I just wanted to have a look through it as not all candida diets follow the same pattern.

    Have you tried Turmeric? Or Ginger? Garlic? Cinnamon? Cloves? Coconut oil/butter? And, if so, how did you use them?

  • No the diet is based around proteins a few veg that i tolerate butter i cook in as coconut oil ive had a go at the PErfect health diet but that made it all worse but my blood sugar is so bad i get fed up and have eaten sugar huge no no i know ive had this for maybe 15 yrs plus i had a lot of sntibiotics as a kid never tolderyed potatoes or bananas ever was on cipro for the cfs and fluconazole all dr myhill did was to tell me i dont know why it eont go ivr done lefenuron 2xs no good so ive had to sort it out myself still in a 😕saw a tcm guy for two years did herbs and accupuncture i was very small tou see 5st8 and they just thought i was anorexic had a fecal transplant at taymount clinic last may ended up with sepsis cant eat raw at alll no dairy .i take akot of suppliments vit c d 3 ginger magnesium cinnsmon turmeruc carrots greens cooked marcha green tea melatonin 90 dark choc i m so bloody hungry though i could eat a horse timy bit of potato lived on a a high protein low carb dieit for years now cant eat hardly any thing love to eat now but it kills me i eat tiny meals as it hurts just been put on fybogel with meberine fo try other bits but too painful just pissed off with it all was having 11bmovements a day now down to 3/4 but im teally tired a sleeping tablet i have been better but was so tired i went down to 6st 10 and started getting really angry all carb bloat me really and meat if i dont take the hcl i had aplastic anemia when i stopped it the last time and i couldnt breathe so i have to take it but ill have a go with things ive made kefir cant do coconut i just dont digest really im depressed alot dont go out now struggle to walk and exercise no one can say i dont try i take boron a new thing called restore selenium zinc fermented clo tried glutamine terrible help please ☺thanks everyone now and agsin i do a bit of nut butter almond was ok with small amount of cooked cheese till i gave in to a bastard i love them vienese whirl

  • I am not surprised that you are depressed a lot. I think that anyone would be in the same position.

    The sugar cravings are probably coming from the candida begging for a feed.

    What type of vitamin D are you taking

  • Its only a cheap one 20000iu a day i read alot on paleo too love mr sissons ty

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