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Which bloods?

I have decided to try the new blood testing facility in India, recently mentioned here, as it's so much cheaper than having it done in the UK. So my question is, in an ideal world, what broad spectrum of tests shall I go for, to get the best possible understanding of what's going on with this thyroid-battered body! I have all the typical symptoms of "over-medicated probably, according to my GP tomorrow, but under-medicated according to how I feel". So whilst I've not yet resolved who I can get to draw the blood, I have definitely decided that if an Indian lab will give me a comprehensive picture of what's going on beyond TSH, I'm going to give it a try. So suggestions what to have tested, are most welcome please.

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I don't know if this will be helpful:-


Your GP should do the usual - B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.


Thanks Shaws. Am waiting to see the GP as I type, so shall be asking for those.


Update: tests ordered are ESR; Magnesium; Urea &. Electrolytes; LFT; Bone; Ferritin Assay; Zinc

(The latter because I showed him my Facebook photo of 2.5 yrs ago, when I had hair ......)

Also agreed to refer to whichever Endo I'd like.

"Interestingly", he told me that when I expressed sadness and tears of frustration at my last Endo consult, because he had said there was no point seeing me again as there was nothing he could do, he wrote to my GP recommending a Psychiatric referral! GRRRR. Obviously my GP had quite rightly ignored it.

He point blank refused NDT though, even though I said he could do it on a named patient basis. Ah well, more (free) blood tests so progress of sorts.


It was the chap at Blue Horizon that mentioned it. I thought it a good idea for your own records though suspect your GP will ignore but it should give you pointers as to what tests to ask you GP to do. It did mention the product names of the testing instruments. I used to work in a lab and the names are those come across over here so I thought that a good sign. I did think there was just one comprehensive test mentioned though so I should contact Blue Horizon to see if it is still available and more details. Please let me know how you get on if you go ahead with it.


Thanks silverfox. Yes I've contacted Paul and been given the website. There is such a range of tests that I didn't know how wide to go. I didn't want to miss out key issues. But it seemed pointless having tests done, that I didn't need. I'm waiting for Paul to reply to me asking if he can suggest where I can get the bloods drawn, but will certainly let you know how it goes.


Many thanks!


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