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Genova Diagnostics, ThyroidUK and FedEx. How do I do this in Ireland?

Hoping someone can help. If you order tests from Genova can I use Thyroid Uk as the practitioner code and is that for all tests or only non blood tests? Also the price quoted for each test, does that include the cost of FedEx or do I have to pay that separately? The nurse at my doctors will draw any blood for me but is wondering about how to get it safely shipped after the draw? Thanks!

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Yes, you can use Thyroiduk as practitioner. I believe that's for all tests. I think you would have to pay separately for Fedex etc. If you phone Genova they will advise the best way to send your blood test and answer any queries you have.


Hi BexyLS

I have sent both blood and saliva with FedEx to the Genova Labs in the UK. You pay FedEx seperately (I think for two samples sent in the same bag it was about £23/E28). Genova send you the FedEx bag and instructions for arranging pick up within Ireland with the sample containers. If you have queries I have found both Genova and FedEx very helpful over the phone. I used tpauk (another great patient advocacy) site as my practitioner. You can get a discount on some of the tests (Once you register as a member) through this link I have done both the Thyroid Plus and the Adrenal Saliva tests twice (both have good discounts) and have found them great-results take about two weeks.

Best of luck



Thank you Boronia and how did you get the blood drawn? did you go to your GP and they just did it for you? The nurse who does my blood is lovely so i think it will be ok


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