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SEND MEDS by Mail Be warned do not use the Royal mail or the Post office

HI Everybody,

I get T3 from the USA with a British prescription from a GMC registered DR,

BE WARNED, I usually get my meds over night by Fedex or UPS. This time the pharmacy has sent this by US Post who uses Royal Mail parcels to deliver. My package has been held up for four day waiting Customs clearance. Customs are saying that is not true it was held up for 7 mins and told me how much the duty is etc. Parcel force are now saying that my package will arrive at the depot maybe tomorrow but could be Friday and may not be delivered until Monday.The option is to attend the parcel force site and hopefully they may be able to pull the parcel out and let me have it. It all depends who I SPEAK TO THERE AT THE DEPOT.

Lesson learned here.

1 Order your med forwardly but I didn't think it would take two weeks to get here.

2 Use a courier either Fedex or UPS a bit more expensive but saves on stress.

If your waiting for Med in the UK, can I suggest using parcel monkey as they offer very discounted courier rates which is only slightly higher than the Post office or the same in some cases.

Don't use Parcel force or Royal mail.

Oh yea I have only one dose left of my meds for tonight.


John Codling

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HI Stockman if you order your meds within the EU, you will not have any problems with duty or customs clerance.

I have never had to pay using this particular pharmacy. You may already know but if you dont you can PM me.



roslin, can you email me on please. I have some questions to asked you please. john


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Hi roslin could you in box me who you use I also use American company and have had to pay duty And it takes weeks to come thanks


The company I use had a branch in EU but now when I order it automatically now goes to dollars instead of euro. So don"t know what has happened.


From the general chatter around the internet:

With RM/PO you might sometimes get away without a customs charge at all. This seems never to happen with couriers.

Some people suggest the customs clearance fee levied by some courier companies is much higher than RM/PO. Could you tell us what they charge?

Location of nearest depot can be important - the depots for some of them are a good sixty or more miles round trip with the costs in time and money if for some reason you need to pick it up yourself from there. Of course, this depends on your precise circumstances - for some one will be easy and another awful.

Given the disruption from unexpected events (e.g. Icelandic volcano a few years ago), it is a jolly good idea to have much more than a two week buffer if you have a supply chain including the Atlantic (or the Pacific).




I have felt so ill for the last three years or so!! so really even though I am not working at the moment I really need these meds . Its just a pain and the stress waiting on an incompetent company to deliver the parcel.

Point taken about the Vat and charges but that is for another post at another time.




I have had mine held up twice now as where I get my meds from only use Royal Mail I was without my meds for 8 days while it was held up by customs and have to pay a further £17.78 for the Royal Mail to release it. But they make it quite clear when you order this could happen. So I don"t have a choice.


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