bloody past

well my friends over the past three days my very first love found me on facebook .. so he calls me and good god he is so full of himself'i have never been ill ever wendy' steam comming from my head as he rambles about his great life and oh @can i go meet him ' I swear he thinks I am still 18 ..some people are so lucky yet he has not moved on ..I tend to live in the NOW not the past I think I will change my phone number ahahahahah

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Hmm, do you think he has an agenda? Like, 'My life is so great! Come and meet me for drinks! Oops, I left my wallet at home. And let me tell you about my temporary cashflow problem...' etc. Not that he'd have to have an agenda to want to meet you, but all his puffed-upness might indicate that he really wants you to think a lot of him. Maybe he's just newly single. :-)

ohh he Mr Billons .. he got so much money ahahahahah ... he trying to hard he needs to calm down and be a friend and stop trying to impress me ..He keeps telling me how well he is 'I have never been ill ' for no reason just rambles on and on and on .. His friend died from aids 5 years go.. And he didn't have a gf for 6 years whom (sharp exit me thinks) I can't handle him right now

Perhaps his focus on his good health was to "tell" you that although he had a friend die of aids you need to know he hasn't been similarly infected. Perhaps he feels that since the friend's death he has been suspected, also, as having the same illness. There are still some outdated and uneducated fears around, about Aids etc.

yes i know he said he got tested but was clear .. its just me really seeing things that are not there i expect xx

Sounds like he may be bigging himself up cos he's a bit insecure. He's lucky about his health but it will inevitably decline as he ages along with his looks and bank balance :-D

hahhahah i like that answer

Never, never look back! And Facebook is a tool of the <insert-name-of-evil-deity-here>. Block him or whatever you do on FB and get a great life for yourself.

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