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bloody livid

Couldnt get to see my usual GP today who had queried on my notes a pituitary problem because of low T4 and tsh.At Last!

Had an appointment with another GP who told me that lactating was normal as I was still having periods and that my blood results suggested borderline hypo thyroid not pituitary. She also told me I couldnt have my vitamin A levels cheaked but Im sure others on this forum have had theirs done.

My blood results of 450mg thyrogold are

tsh0.59 ref 0.27-4.2

free t4 9.9 ref 12.0-22

free t3 3.8 ref 3.1-6.8.

Any comments welcome. I am due to talk to Dr P tommorow to formulate a plan. I have asked GP to prescribe a the anti deppressant robexitine (a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitar). It helps with the worst of my lethergy and I have felt untterly dreadful recently . Which of course she readily agreed to. Bloody woman didnt even seem to know how to smile. Just sat there looking cross and dour talking rubbish.

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Lactating is not normal and indicates a hormone imbalance that needs addressing.

I understand that you are livid that your doctor has trivialised your problems but you need to chill, or you will make yourself even more ill.

I don't medicate on thyrogold so don't know a lot about how test results should be looking but your T4 is under range and T3 only just within.

I pleased you are seeking help from Dr P as at least he knows what he is talking about and you will receive good secure advice. Don't forget how bad anti depressants are for the thyroid and with Dr P's help you may be feeling better soon anyway.

This link may help you understand about problems that occur with NDT.

It is very important to have your vitB12, Vit D, Folate and ferritin levels checked. These need to be optimum for thyroid med to work effectively so ask another doctor or get private testing. (details on Thyroid UK website).

Hope you feel better soon,


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Thanks flower. I have calmed down and have a new colouring in book to do.

I would be so much happier if these doctors were able to say they dont know something rather than make up stuff on the spot. I put up a fight to have my B12 and ferritin checked.I think she agreed to do them but she refused to do vit d as it was good last time and I forgot about folate.

I have read the link. Very helpful. I dont think I am taking enough NDT> I want to switch to thyroid s as it is closer to armour and I was losing lots of weight even on a small dose of armour. IT was costing me about £100 for each 3 month script though and the private consultation to get the script cost £85. I am on a pension, retired early on health grounds so have to be careful with money.


Another link mandyjane indicating once again you are under medicated.


NDT can be bought without a prescription if you are prepared to buy it online. Depending on brand they vary a lot in cost. I know that Thyroid-S and Thiroyd - the two Thai NDT products - are the cheapest. I don't know the cost of the more expensive brands, like Armour and Erfa.


Mandyjane have you had your prolactin levels checked? They could indicate why you're lactating and I'd have thought your GP should have done one of those straight away, also he/she could test all the other pituitary hormones. Once someone at my local lab didn't like the look of my thyroid tests because my TSH was so low (I take NDT) and so tested other hormones without being asked, it put his at rest and I was pleased he'd been so thorough. The test included prolactin, oestrogen, progesterone, cortisol and a couple of others I've now forgotten. I hope Dr P can offer good advice and perhaps tell you how to get those tests done if he thinks they're a good idea. I can't understand a GP querying a pituitary problem without following up on it!


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