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Will taking t3 help my symptoms if I have low t3

My blood test showed 1.03tsh .92ft4 and 80 t3. I hv gained 30lbs in less than 4 months chronic fatigue dry skin/ hair moody headaches etc. My endo wont prescribe cuz my tsh is within range. Sent me to a nutritionist. I eat healthy and exercise 3-5 times week. He said he can't help my symptoms just possibly weight loss meds in 3 months. Devastating. Please advise

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Weight gain is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism and many complain as they don't have an idea why they gain weight. Unfortunately, many doctors don't recognise or know clinical symptoms.

I think adding T3 would help although of course I cannot promise this.

You don't give your medical history in your Profile and I don't know how long you have been on treatment or what dose you take. When you give your blood test results, it is helpful if you can also put the ranges (figures in brackets) as labs differ and it makes it easier for members to comment.

In the meantime, there is a link below which may help understand. You will then know more that the Endocrinologists or doctors. I am assuming that weight gain is your most pressing symptom? We have to read and learn as much as possible in order to get better.

When you get your next blood tests for the thyroid gland, do not take your medication before but take it after and have test as early as possible as your TSH is higher then. Do you take levo first thing on wakening with glass of water and breakfast about 1 hour later?


I'm 43 andhad complete hyst in 07 current symptoms r different from menopause tsh1.03(.36-3.74) ft4.92(.76-1.46) t3 80(87-167) I hv lost most body hair all under my arms no sex drive low body temp 98. Not on anything but may self medicate with t3


Acuramom, if you reply to a comment you have to press the Reply to this, otherwise the person isn't emailed and you may wonder why if you expected a response.

I'm sorry you are not on any medication, a trial wouldn't do any harm but the British Thyroid Association has told Endos and doctors not to prescribe unless your TSH rises to 10, which is terrible.

Your T3 is low and you have clinical symptoms, such as no body hair etc etc. Thyroiduk don't advocate self-medication but I can understand someone having no alternative at times.

I hope you get some more responses.


My bad thx for bringing to my attention thx for ur feedback as well I'm from US they don't recommend self medicating either I'm feeling trapped it doesn't make sense he wants to treat me with amphetamines rather than hormones


I know of two doctors in the UK who treated patients as they were taught to do at medical school, before the blood tests were introduced along with levothyroxine. They prescribed on clinical symptoms alone but they also got into trouble with our Medical Authorities by treating the patients instead of waiting till the TSH rose high enough. One of them said that the guidelines put patients into parlous conditions.

I believe the USA was the first to go along and approve the new blood tests and synthetic levothyroxine and the pharmaceutical push is to make money at all costs and I also believe that in the USA many doctors are/were compensated to use only certain products.

There is also another site in the USA which may be helpful. You may already know of it.

The following one is an archived site as Dr Lowe died two years ago - a great loss as he was also an Adviser to - he lived in Florida. There is lots of very, very helpful information but some links don't work. He also gave up his licence so he could continue to help patients in the best possible way.


Thks f the links I'll check em out. U r correct md's are rewarded for using certain mfr's products they get trips/$/anything as well as kickbacks for each rx they write its shady. I asked my endo 4 t3 and u would think I asked him for crack. And that was with blood test to show low t3. But its that stupid tsh that he relies. Is t3 something people misuse? I did not c any info on that. Its not a controlled rx its just a hormone. Right? Ir am I missing something in my research I'm looking forward to starting t3 therapy


As far as I know people can't misuse T3 to get high, however I know people who are desperate to get slim but don't have hypothyroidism sometimes misuse T4 to lose weight. It wouldn't be surprising if people misuse T3 in the same way. The main issue is that taking too much is very bad for you - can play havoc with the heart etc. However if you need it (like you seem to) and know what you are doing and watch out for symptoms of overdosing there shouldn't be a problem. People in the UK who self treat with T3 often buy from Mexico.

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Thks for the feedback. I'm really trying to make smart informed choises regarding my health. I just wish my md was on the same page I hv no interest in taking amphetamines. Besides I hv way more symptoms than the weight that I want to improve


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