Wanted – recommendation of doctor who is not freaked out by suppressed TSH

That’s it really. My last set of results on 125mcg levothyroxine:

TSH (0.35-6) <0.02

FT4 (9-26) 24.8

FT3 (2.8-7) 5.9

GP is completely freaked by this. He will grudgingly prescribe 100mcg (because I refused a reduction) but really wants me on 75mcg. On 125mcg I am well. I already know from experimentation that 150mcg is too much, so I am satisfied that I have found my ‘sweet spot’.

GP says it would be unethical to prescribe 125mcg because of the suppressed TSH and the dangers this presents. He is not interested in anything Dr Toft has to say.

GP is desperate to refer me so that I become someone else’s problem, but where to? I am midlands based, but willing to travel.

Any thoughts, please PM me. Thanks.

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  • Right so it is unethical for you to feel well. I know of an nhs endo who accepts suppressed tsh - dont know if that helps. Otherwise i can recommend a private gp in london but frankly it is cheaper to slef medicate

  • Did you check out the private GP in London I recommended a couple of months back?

  • Remind me ...

  • Have sent you a PM.

  • email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org who has a list of NHS Endos. You may have to travel but it may be worth it. She also has private doctors.

    If only doctors could treat us as Dr Lowe and holistic doctors do - see first question:-


  • Thanks Shaws, I’ve had the list, but frankly there isn’t really enough information on there. In particular there is no information on there about whether any of the doctors mentioned is comfortable with a suppressed TSH.

    What I can’t afford to do is go and see someone who then reports back to my GP that my TSH is suppressed therefore I am over-medicated!

    Effectively, I’m looking for someone who will support my view, the view I have gained by reading the research, that a suppressed TSH is not a problem if FT4 and FT3 are within range.

  • I understand. Hopefully a member can private message you if they have found a sympathetic person.

  • Sorry - I can only pass on the info we are given.. :( xx

  • Cannot make head or tail of your results

    suppressed TSH is simply the normal pituarity feedback response to administration of thyroid hormone ..............basic human chemistry

    your Free T4 and Free T3 is what matters along with your symptoms

    t4 and t3 should both be in UPPER quadrant of their ranges and in balance

  • Anstey - I've sent you a PM

  • Is it possible to edit the results and ranges a little to make them easier to read? :-)

  • YUP! Done... x

  • Sorry - I hadn't realised they weren't clear.

  • No worries - I've just added in some spaces.. :) x

  • Suppressed TSH is NOT dangerous, too little medication IS!!

  • You know that - I know that! However GP is a slave to TSH and wants someone else to make the decision.

  • Anstey my TSH is kept suppressed, as is normal for most patients post thyCa. Ask your GP why it is not a problem for thyCa patients but is for hypo patients? I've not been advised that I'm in danger of heart or osteoporosis problems because of suppressed TSH but was advised of the danger of cancer recurrence when I insisted my Levo dose be reduced. I'm expecting TSH to be suppressed now that I'm on T4+T3 combination.

    If your GP refuses to prescribe the dose you are comfortable on then buy it online. Your GP might change his/her mind if you say this is your intention. I most definitely would not allow my health to deteriorate to satisfy a medic's prejudice. PM me if you need a source.

  • Thanks

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