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Questions about taking Levo at night


I had my completion thyroidectomy on Monday and took my first dose of Levothyroxine last night. i'm on 150mcg and decided to try taking it last thing at night due to the studies i've read that suggest better absorption.

I'm now deliberating which may be best for me. I have a main meal around 6ishand I do sometimes have a small snack about 9pm (ie a bag of crisps or some fruit) I would then be taking my levo around10:30pm

If i switch to mornings then I would probably have a cup of coffee and sometimes some cereal / bacon roll about an hour /90 mins after getting up (and taking the levo).

I'm tempted to think that night time would still be best as my stomach would be emptier or near empty) for much longer (8 hours) whereas morning I would start munching and eating about an hour to 90 mins after taking it and then of course there would be lunch time 5 hours later...

Maybe I'm just splitting hairs here but its all new to me :)



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There is also the point that you tend to drink coffee in the morning. Caffeine can interfere with absorption of thyroid hormones so this should be taken into account.

I hope that helps with your decision. Ultimately you need to do what works best for you. Night time dosing doesn't work for everyone but works very well for others.

Carolyn x


Some people do find nightime dosing better.

If we eat we have to leave a minimum 2 hours before taking levothyroxine and 2 hours afterwards.

Levothyroxine should be taken on an empty stomach otherwise foods etc may interfere with the uptake of levothyroxine.

Morning dosing is easier as our stomach is completely empty after a night's sleep and if you take your levo immediately on waking, by the time you get ready an hour at least has elapsed before you have breakfast. As Carolyn also stated, Coffee can affect absorption of levo so you really want to give your body the best start. I assume you can have coffee 4 hours after levo as supplements etc are recommended to have a gap of 4 hours.


The main thing is to take meds on an empty stomach with water ie one hour before food & drink or two hours after. I've switched back to morning dosing as I like to snack at night and have a milky drink and I'm not fussed about waiting an hour for a cup of tea.

Good luck on Monday.

I too have had TT 2 years ago and I now split my dose , half at bedtime and half in the morning. It seems to work for me!

Good luck x

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