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My GP have reduced my Dosage and Now i have put on weight quickly and i forget things

Hi All,

I had my Total thyroid removed after thyroid cancer in 2009. I was taking a suppressive TSH dose of 300mcg which was reduced to 250mcg in few months. Now after 4 years my GP have reduced it to 200 mcg. i have gained 5KG in 2-3 weeks even after exercise and low carb diet. What should i do now? Should i wait for my next appointment with GP after 3 to 4 weeks or make a appointment next week. Also i am forgetting small things like keys / bus pass etc..I am 29 years old male from London i weight 88 kg now (was about 81-82)

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Hi, you need to get a copy of your latest thyroid blood tests and post results here with reference ranges, so that people can see what is happening. Obviously your GP is working on a TSH result and not your symptoms. Or make an appointment now and give your GP a list of symptoms, explaining that you were fine until dose reduced. Ask to increase it to 250 mcg and hope he agrees. Without your test results it is difficult to say more but I hope this helps to start with.


I have had a TT due to Graves ,if my levo is only lowered by 25 i have put on wieght the last time i gained a stone in less than 3 months and was quite ill .since joining this site i have learnt get a copy of your blood results and check the results for youself as you can make a point then to your gp if you don't feel you should have them lowered .


Poor you! Classic undermedication symptoms. Do you have enough medication to go back up to your previous dose? If you do you might consider doing that. And make an appointment to see your doc asap. Don't take any crap about the weight gain being 'it's what you're putting in your mouth, nothing to do with your medication'. Take someone with you if you can. And have a list of your new symptoms with you (doctors like to fluster patients out of the surgery quickety-quick when they ask awkward questions). If you have no thyroid, how could your need for replacement thyroxine reduce? Barking!


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