having a bad day/then something good?

having a bad day/then something good?

dog walk took us to the beach this morning.hard work walking on the sand and up steps to prom,end up getting bus part of way home to avoid hills.felt drained all day and hard to do anything the least bit physical.not able to eat anything as choked on almost everything I ate. pressure so great against stomach,ribs.lumps and swellings appearing more on face.nosebleeds and sores.one of dogs crying all day -is it for me or is he in pain?the other very concerned and see it in her eyes and her need to cuddle up close.

in garden to day getting rid of weeds and anything else unwanted and looked down to find a 4 leafed clover.

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  • Lovely four leaf clover! Have not seen one since I was a child.

    Re symptoms, are you being treated for those? Sounds dreadful. Surely you need a higher dose if on Levo?

  • hi there no cos dr is dismissing most symptoms as he says blood s are "normal".wont accept I have a thyroid problem or lupus.only have a cream for nose haven't seen him again for nose bleeds which ENT dismissed saying "it was not sinuses".hopefully finding 4 leaf clover will bring me luck and better success with drs.not on any meds for thyroid

  • The dog should be seen by a Vet asap if it's constantly crying.

  • Maybe your luck will now change Anbuma and you'll get a diagnosis of what's ailing you.

    I read your above two articles and it is surprising how symptoms are not recognised. I hope these articles haven't made you more worried than you already have been.

  • hi shaws.no I am still concerned-slightly more because of pelvic pain and swollen stomach. as my gp hasnt said anymore than IBS-he hasnt considered any other options .it could be thyroid linked or cushings disease.this has been going on for over 2 years (around sept 2011).

    -altho article says OC -and gp says its not -I do have the pelvic pain.swollen stomach,weight loss (elsewhere)and now fatigue.they cant go putting it down to fibro and assumed bowel condition forever.

    this last week i have got home from walking my dogs and feeling so drained I cannot do anything else than go back to bed.i have shown articles like this to my gp in the past when I first didn't get any answers for my stomach.altho scans are said to be clear/normal I have more persistent pelvic pain which I have told gp of ,my stomach is ever increasing and extremely fatigued.i have pelvic pain right now and my dog Annie has been giving the most concerned looks all evening but she is also concerned for my other older dog -she hates it when he chokes etc and will come and hide behind me or if in the garden run indoors..will try and get an appointment tomorrow btu usually by the time you get thru at 8am when they open it takes many attempts to do so and then the few appointments they have are gone.if I cant get an appointment then a trip to A&E.my next booked is 14th may.

  • Hi Anbuma

    Dr Myhill refers to IBS as a rubbish diagnosis. Have a look at her website. If u have had all the obvious gastric checks and they have come up zero u might consider having a stool analysis via Dr M to give a more comprehensive insight as to what yr gut is doing.

    I presume u have had an ultrasound of the pelvis to rule out nasties such as ovarian cancer?

  • yes I have had scans the most recent being at A&E ,but still dont know why I have persistent pelvic pain.feel drs need to investigate every possible cause nto just say its not one thing.struggling to cope with swellign on face.every time I wake up lookin a mirror or see my reflection I see how swollen my face is especially the nose and why cant consultant see it.

  • doesn't look like it.wouldnt arrange a scan,no referral to a different rheumy.nor endo .if it was just my stomach without the feeling of hardness and pressure etc on my ribs -persistent pelvic pain and persistent symptoms and inability to eat maybe I wouldn't be concerned and the fact that the 2 stone + i ahve gained is all stomach?

  • Hi anbuma, praps as hypohen suggested it would be good to take both dogs to the vet just to check them out for problems as well. They seem to be suffering

  • hi both dogs been to vets recently.no problems-emotional?buster is ageing and annie is often concerned for him too.like last night he suddenly sat up from his sleep and barked .maybe having nightmares she ran over to me and squeezed behind me on my chair.

  • Elderly dogs can suffer with dementia as they get older so that could be an issue. Did they have blood tests done ? dogs can have all manor of ailments that only show on bloods, heart, kidney, liver, thyroid and tumours.

  • The barking can also be a symptom of hearing loss, which most older dogs seem to suffer to varying degrees.

  • Another thing to consider Anbuma is if your dogs are now not up to the long walks you say they have, up to 2 hours a day I think you said, you may find this article on elderly dogs helpful as it gives good info on the older dog and the problems they can have.


  • just read the article.i let him choose his walk within reason as that is what he is used to .he can walk a fair distance and have a bit of a run but it is mostly a slow pace and stopping and sniffing.i give him glucosamine tabs daily.theres nothing wrong with him mentally he is still very alert. and remembers his previous home and the place he stayed when first up for rehoming(9 years ago) and the owners.im keeping an eye on him.annie can be a bit stubborn wanting to go one way and us the other ,but she has no choice

  • Walking my two elderly dogs was sometimes less than a pleasure as they both had different ideas on where/when/how long the walk should be. One would walk for hours, and the other never took to the idea of a recreational walk and did his business and turned around to go home.

    I salute you for rehoming them anbuma. I am very passionate about dog rescue.

    Elderly dogs are a special challenge and their needs change periodically, so it's best to stay flexible. x

  • if anything happens to my elder dog then i would consider rehoming an older dog so they can enjoy their final years in a happy home or a "problem "dog as its rewarding to see them change in the right situation and often go overlooked in rescue centres..buster was a problem dog and he soon settled and became the better dog when taken away from a bad environment/situation

  • Absolutely! The 'problem' dog is often a dog with unclear boundaries or too little exercise or attention.

  • thanks both of you for your replies.i walk them a lot less now as I cant walk that far and most mornings get a bus home.their afternoon walk is no more than 15 minutes.vet did say when I last took him thy would do blood tests if he got worse.his legs are ok at the moment just a bit unstable when on the bus.will view that article.

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