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Yo-Yo results and whats going on with damn cholestrol results!


Hi all

January results were TSH 0.21 and T4 14.8 I took Levo 75 one day and 50 the other ... my cholestro was 6.1

April results were TSH 0.08 and T4 21.3 I took 100mcg Levo per day ................ my cholestrol was 5.6

So now my doctor is worried that I might go hyper and Levo has been dropped to 75mch per day.

Two things though ... is there a connection with higher the levo lower the cholestrol , lower the levo and higher the cholestrol?

Or could this lower the cholestrol , I stopped taking Omeprazole 10 weeks ago and started self medicating myself with Apple cider vinegar with squeezed lemon drink. Since then I haven't had any acid problems and feel good.

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I started off very hyper and was amazed to see that my cholesterol was the lowest it has ever been 5. something. My TSH has now gone up to 1.4 and my cholesterol has rocketed to 7.something which is quite worrying.

I'm working on fixing it by diet but I have a feeling that if my TSH was lower again then my cholesterol might come down too. I will speak to my endo when I see him next and see what he says.

What is the recipe for your apple cider vinegar drink and where do you get your apple cider vinegar from?

One tablespoonful apple cider vinegar , squeese juice of half lemon and ( I use cranberry juice too to make it an average 10 gulps worth in a glass ) and knock it back in every morning. I got mine from Tescos . As new research shows that you actually need acid and if you don't have it enough your stomach uses the reserve and thats when you get the reflux ...so the tablets makes it worse as they supress the little what you got.

Yeah will be interesting to see next blood results just wondering how it dropped as I haven't changed my diet at all. Gotta be a link with Levo or the vinegar.

Thanks for that, I will definitely give it a try. It will be interesting to see your next bloods. :-)

Marz in reply to ThyroidHell

...low acid also prevents the breakdown of proteins like meat. This needs to happen before food can pass into the duodenum for the onward journey ! By hanging around in the stomach - fermentation can take place which also causes the heartburn/reflux scenario which is uncomfortable for some.

Glad you have found something helpful....Pity your Doc dropped your dose especially if you do not have signs of being Hyper.

Fruitandnutcase in reply to Marz

I've got a list written out for my next endo visit - end of next month- and cholesterol is right up there at the top of things I want to ask about.

Marz in reply to Fruitandnutcase


Marz in reply to Fruitandnutcase

Hi there ! Over 80% of cholesterol is made in the body so is there for a reason ! Needed for good hormone activity and the brain also contains cholesterol. It also is needed for the UVB rays to sink into the skin and make the VITD.

Remember the food industry can be as corrupt as Big Pharma - selling you food that is supposed to reduce cholesterol - bunkum I'm afraid !...in my non-medical opinion :-) Food has such a small effect on cholesterol. Being Hypo has a bigger effect I imagine....

Homocysteine is rarely acknowledged in mainstream medicine - but can be a more important indicator of long-term health. It is a protein found in the blood. Mine went up to 12 - not good and is now down to 8. I don't worry about the cholesterol :-)

ACV = apple cider vinegar is brilliant for so many things. Try to buy Organic if you can - almost as good as wine !! There are good books about it out there.

Hope your Endo can do dot-to-dot re the cholesterol. Lots of medics do not seem to make the connection. At least you know... :-)

If you have your Cholesterol blood results - try dividing the Triglycerides by the HDL and if the result is less than 2 then all is well. Now where did I read that - sorry I have forgotten.... :-)

Decades ago, before the days of the current thyroid function tests, if doctors found a patient with high cholesterol they took this as an indication that the patient might have a thyroid problem, and investigated this possibility.

These days, of course, many doctors don't realise there is a relationship between the two and just tell the patient to change their diet, lose weight, exercise, and/or they prescribe statins i.e. if at all possible they blame the patient. If the patient has an underlying thyroid problem most modern doctors won't even think of looking for it.

I had TSH between 5 and 6 for several years and was told that my hypothyroidism was "subclinical" therefore didn't need treating. I also had high cholesterol. I had to see Dr Skinner before my thyroid issues got taken seriously. My cholesterol level dropped by about 25% in the first eight weeks of taking levo at a realistic and sensible level.

Edit : I don't care about my cholesterol level now - it really is quite liberating. I would recommend anyone worried about their cholesterol level should read the book called "The Great Cholesterol Con" by Malcolm Kendrick. And read his blog - so worth it!


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