Im looking into how many Forum members suffer from Plantar Fascitis when they have gone clinically hypo or clinically hyper?

I suffer from Plantar Fascitis ONLY when my thyriod levels are not right. It's like a warning sign with me. When I am back to normal, it goes! My question to the forum members, is how many get PF ONLY when their thyroid levels are out of kilter. I woud find a poll intersting , but not sure whether administrators set them up. Any administrators intersted? Many thanks. Nezzykins

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Hi, yes I suffered with this about a year before starting treatment. Was very uncomfortable, especially the first steps in a morning. The doctor said it was probably because I wore flat shoes more often now, sometimes wore heels to work previously. Whatever the cause, never suffered since taking N.D.T. :)

I have never heard of PF with a thyroid. But I did have one and this is what happened. I started to go to a chiropractor. He was treating my foot and it slowly was getting better. I had about three treatments. One day I was out walking my 125 lb. dog. I was going up a hill, the dog was on my left. The right heel was the one that hurt. The dog bumped me to the right, the foot popped, no more pain…like right away.

The bone was starting to move and the dog hurried it up. True story.

I'be hypo for over ten years and I got PF in both feet last year. As this is common in runners I stopped running. I told my GP who said its stress -here take this leaflet !! I went back to my podiatrist who checked my feet and my right ankle was 6 degrees off what it should be.I then started a regime of foot strengthening exercises which I found on the Vibrams website and after 6 weeks of doing them I am back running again after a year

I suffered with plantar fascitis in one foot when I was on T4 only (with many other ailments). Since going onto T3 only it has disappeared.


I suffered with pf in left foot more than right foot but never know itis related to thyroid issues , I have Hashimoto when began medication it became better I only have pain the first steps in the morning ,can this be related to type 2 diabetes which I have.


Mine went when I stopped walking so much.

It's probably related to carpal tunnel syndrome and also frozen shoulder.

I did have ultra sound but it didn't

really help.

Hormone levels inflame the nerves.


I have had plantar fasciitis and I am hypothroid but I have not noticed it coming back since my levels have been optimised at TSH 0.5 -1

I've had it several times in the past, most recently about six months to a year ago. Saw a podiatrist at the hospital who told me what it was (again) but it's not come back lately. Never really thought of it having a link? Although I think the weight gain from the hypothyroid contributes to pressure on the foot.

I get it with hyper, along with knee, hip and back pain and general extreme soreness. With hypo I get wicked carpal tunnel especially during night and in morning. Don't need blood tests results - the symptoms say it all Lol !

Thanks for all your replies. It certainly seems to me as if there IS a strong link with thyroid imbalance and plantar fasceitis! Thought it was just me and my very odd type symptoms when I am out of thyroid balance. What is Trigger Thumb? Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks lynne x

Nezzykins , very interesting ! I was diagnosed about two yrs. ago as being hypothyroid. I later went to a natural health physician ; because another dr. shortly after the first , told me I was fine ,and didn't need to go on thyroid meds. My " naturalist" did have me do a blood spot panel and saliva testing ( for adrenals/hormones), all were out of balance ; I am also four yrs. post-menopausal , with many symptoms . You are the first person who I've come across talking about planters fasciitis . I have currently developed this problem in my left foot , I never thought of this in connection to the thyroid . When I see my natural dr. In a few weeks , I will see what she thinks about this.

Ooh how interesting!! I had this a few years ago and it went as quickly as it came. Have had it for past 7 or 8 months now in other foot but failed to make the connection with being hypo.

It definately seems to be a connection reading the forums' responses! I never have it when I am in good balance, but when I swing from norm to low- or over, then -BOOM, ! Plantar Fasceitis sets in! How odd is this? This has become one of my warning signs that im going to go out of balance! Then the next thing to go is aching shins- as if ive been kicked! Also something else thats sounds very odd and funny, is that my leftvthumb pad itches like hell. I have to press my finger nail into the part that itches and thats the only thing that stops it! Lol. Im a strange case indeed. Lynne x

yes before I was diagnosed I had planters for about 6 months,also pain in thumbs and pads where they go stiff and swollen and extremely itchy also,I dig my nail in to stop the itch

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