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Advice re self medicating please


Hi everyone

Am thinking of self medicating as I cannot keep going through the pointless discussions at the GP. I would monitor with the help from experts on here, but firstly, would you start with levothyroxine or NDT first and the reasons for that?

I seem to have some symptoms ramped up recently particularly the fatigue/balance and tummy issues which is starting to affect my work, so this is why I've decided to give it a go.

Many thanks


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I started with NDT from Thailand as it is easiest to get.

Thank you Angel of the North :)

Personally, I would advise starting on levo, 50 mcg for six weeks, then retesting. If that has brought your TSH down to 1 or under, then look at the FT4 and FT3 to see how well you are converting - I always think it's best to know that before starting on T3 or NDT.

From there, you can go onto NDT if that's what you want to try. Switch to 1 grain, and see how you get on with it. You can adjust from there. If you don't get on with it after a few months and a few increases, you can try levo+T3, which is more adaptable. There are lots of things/doses to try.

But, I do think it's a good idea to be aware how well you convert before doing anything else and you can see that best when your TSH has come down to 1 or under. :)

Duffy26 in reply to greygoose

thanks Greygoose. That's sounds like a sensible approach.

greygoose in reply to Duffy26

You're welcome. :)


Are you improving your vitamin levels as advised on this earlier post?

Has GP or endo done coeliac blood test yet?

Hi. My last B12 was 543ng (130 -1100)

Vit d 55 nmol 50-200 i have since supplemeted with 5000 vit d.

Ferritin 72ug (23-300)

Ttg 1.7 -0-10

Tsh 3.02 -0.35 -3.50

Ft4 11.. 9-21

Ft3 3.75... 3.10-6.80

IggA *4.53 0.80 -4.00

Active b12 ..97.2pmol...25.10-165.00

Folate 3.19ug.. 2.91-50.00

Ferritin 84ug...13-150.00

Tsh 3.07miu..0.27 -4.20

Ft4 12.5pmol 12.00-4.20

Amongst many other standard tests. They are from march to april this year via nhs and medichecks. I have supplemented with folate/b12/vitc/vitd/coq10/b complex.

Endo and gp say there is nothing wrong with vits and thyroid.



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