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My Bloods

My Bloods

No TSH or Thyroid related info in these, but a detailed analysis of my whole hormonal spectrum. First two are from my Endo, the second two are from my GP. The testosterone from my GP reads 6.2 nmol/l, where as the Endo on reads 13.2 nmol/l. They were taken at different times of day ,but Im sure I should never fall that low at 40 years of age :(

Most of my Endo readings seem fine, calcium is still very low even though Im on Adical. Parathyroid hormones are back in range from being high. Still have bone and joint pain, its getting worse as its moved into my shoulders.

The GP results are from the last three years, but seem low detail compared top the Endos print off, have they given me the wrong info?



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Sorry you had no replies, it would appear that your question was missed... Hopefully someone will pick it up from Latest Activity...



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Hi Louise,

Thought I'd been put on the naughty step for a minute then. :)


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