Will nodules right themselves through correct medicating?

I keep losing my voice completely from very sore throats, since the last I have barely been able to squeeze out a squeaky noise for around 7 days. When I swallow now I get pain close to the Adam's apple, and there is a lump to the right hand side of it, about the size of a hazelnut. There is no point going to my GP with it as both he and endo dismissed hypo concerns as TSH 'normal' even though private thyroid profile painted a different picture, hence my need to self medicate. The sore throats are just because I'm run down apparently...

Basically, what I'm asking is, is this likely to resolve itself once I start to feel well? Presumably nodules get left alone normally under an endo too?

Sorry, I probably sound really thick, it's just a bit scary trying to treat a medical condition on your own and lots of you seem to be well experienced :)

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ihave had this too since my gallbladder op and getting worse.constant ly losing voice -hoarseness,sore throats and lumps in neck -thyroid/larynx and under jaw.same a syou dr says TSH normal also have leg rash which I believe is thyroid linked.what meds are you taking?

Hi, Nature-throid NDT. My lump is where the thyroid gland is, I'm just wondering if it will sort itself out?

You might find this information useful ; healthline.com/symptom/thyr...

I've never had nodules. But in the absence of a reply here by someone who has I would say ignoring nodules would not be normal. Nodules would normally (I think - I'm no expert!) cause you to become hyper rather than hypo thyroid, if the nodules are producing thyroid hormone (some do: some don't).

Is the Naturethroid helping you to feel better apart from the sore throats? What made you think you needed it?

It's early days but so far yes, I feel less exhausted in the morning when I wake up. I'm symptomatic of hypo (but diagnosed CFS and depression), and have had to give up work. Blue Horizon showed TSH of 3.7 (range 0.2-4.2 I think from memory), T4 and FT4 both low under range and T3 low in range. GP won't treat because TSH in range still, says he would have to wait for it to be much higher, but my life is standing still, so I'm not prepared to wait it out.

It's a lump, so I'm not sure what it is, I just wondered if it was the gland protesting if it might settle down when things even out. Thanks

I have no idea if your nodule is anything like mine, so take this with a pinch of salt, but the lump I could feel when I swallowed disappeared after a week of NDT.

Oh and I was told they don't do anything until they reach 1.5cm

Thanks, that's what I'm hoping. Good to know it did for you. I'll just have to wait and see

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