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My Visit to Dr P- No Armour for 1 week!! feel GOOD. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY


Hi Everybody,

A week ago I saw Dr Peatfield and said I would report back:

I have Hypo/Adrenal Fatigue:

So this is the 2nd time I have seen him as feel crap most of time and Zero metabolism, plus tons other symptoms. Was getting desperate again after 8/9 months since first visit. I started on Nutri thyroid, Adrenal Extra and Armour since last Nov. Tried t3 only before Armour for 10 days and felt gradually worse. Went back to Armour and gradually built up to 3.5 grains. I think it's def helped get T3/T4 up to point I can't function but I have truly felt like my life/marriage and relationship with DS has suffered.

So he said we have to try T3 only again...... and I must come off Armour for at least a week to clear T4 as he thinks I have conversion problem and Reverse T3.

I didn't come off the Armour last time just stopped it and started t3 next day. I was shocked and speechless as to how I was going to cope with no Thyroid meds for longer than a day let alone a week, especially in holidays with busy child hanging about and me barely able to make his breakfast.

So lo and behold I feel really quite good. REALLY QUITE GOOD!!!!

Now for me that's a 7/10. Not a 4-5/10 when I saw him a week ago. This week I have done stuff in garden, made dinners, cleaned, been to shops but trying to be careful.....I can't believe it. I have been tired but like normal people get...not no fuel left in tank, shattered, tearful............. I am obv really benefitting from just having a clear out as it were and it seems to make sense I need to clear body of excess T4 for T3 to absorb. I am so excited but trying not to be if you know what I mean in case the T3 only doesn't work again.

Oh another thing my temp has been over 36 and climbing consistently every day/night, wehreas normally it's 35's and sometime below.

So today I have had just a teeny quarter 25mcg of Cynomel. All i need is to be able to exercise and then I'll know I'm getting there..

So just wanted to report and hope this is the light at end of tunnel.


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Glad you are feeling upbeat :-)

I'm thinking a trip to Dr Peatfield must be on the cards for me.

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