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Antibodies and Their Relationship to Hashis and Graves

If your doctor thinks antibodies are not important show them this study. PR

"In conclusion, antibodies to Tg and TPO are present in Graves disease and Hashimoto thyroiditis up to 7 yr before clinical diagnosis and are elevated compared with controls. The antibody levels increased over time before clinical diagnosis of Graves disease but were elevated at all time points for Hashimoto thyroiditis. These findings suggest that thyroid antibodies in apparently healthy individuals should not be neglected and may serve as a useful tool to screen for ATD before clinical diagnosis."

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PR, you are a star! This is just what I needed. Thank you :-)


Very interesting ,Thanks for posting x


Do you think there is any point in having antibodies, specifically Graves' antibodies measured post thyroid removal?

There seems to be a great amount placed on diet reducing antibodies, which I fully embrace but before going gluten free say, then should you test the antibodies first to see if they have indeed gone down.

I have Graves'/Hashi and never had a Graves' antibodies TSH Receptor Stimulating Antibodies tested but am told to because of thyroid eye disease to keep my TSH suppressed to help keep antibodies low. Also, the lower the TSH the less antibodies, is that true?


shambles, with autoimmunity the thyroid is the target not the root cause. The autoimmunity is the root cause and usually involves 'leaky gut'. You need to find and fix the triggers of the autoimmunity otherwise you have increased chances of another autoimmune disease. PR

Dr. Myers (MD) dealt with Graves and has a new thyroid book.

Dr. Izabella Wentz (PharmD) has a very thorough book on finding the triggers of Hashimoto's and a lot info on her website, check her blogs.

Dr. Tom O'Bryan (DC) has a new book on autoimmunity called "The Autoimmune Fix".

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