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Does any female Hypothyroid patient find herself suffering from very early onset menopause? E.G. peri-menopause starting in the mid 30's?


Weird period cycles

Weird periods

Discharge like the clots after birth

Mood swings

Hot flushes


Night sweats

Fuzzy brain - forgetting words



Emotional ups& downs

Anger that's uncontrollable

Tearfulness out of the blue

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Yep, been there.

Put up with it for a while then had a hysterectomy at just 39. Was the only definite solution. If I had my time again, I would increase t3 to see if it made a difference, and if not, I would have the hsterectomy again.

Yes, but relieved by dose increase - this won't be the solution for everyone, but it was for me


Those are typical hypo symptoms. I had them 2 Years ago and nhs fobbed me off saying it was menopause. Funny how the symptoms went away when i started self medicating with ndt and got tsh down.


Get an up-to-date thyroid gland blood test. You could be undermedicated. Ask for a full thyroid function test (probably wont if your TSH is within range). If you haven't had B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested ask for these to be done as well.

Before your thyroid gland blood test, don't take your levo until afterwards and have it as early as possible.

This is a link which may be helpful:-

Get a copy of your blood tests and post for members to comment. If GP says they are normal, still get a copy of your blood tests, with the ranges as 'normal' has no meaning for us unless we feel well.

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Not had Vit D or folate or B12 tested.

All Endo said was she thinks I have severe PMT/PMS...! Suggested taking Progestrone only pill to level my mood swings...!

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Thought Vit D was problem for Para-thyroid patients, not thyroid?!?

What's folate for?

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See my post beliw about TSH & T4 results in early& mid March. Thanks.

Although I was ok with the hysterectomy I remember my doctor saying it was probably linked to the thyroid issues. ( hashimotos). I wonder why she never thought to offer me more meds? If only there had been thyroid forums 20 years ago, , my life might have been very different. Increase your dose if you see there is any room on the test results. Xx

Hello Lingualass,

I am now 33 and that is what my blood tests showed up with. I would like to say that from gathering information from medical sources that Peri-menopause (in my case) is simply low adrenal reserve, I believe this is why my doc never told me about it, because he ignored my report saying I did have adrenal fatigue.

Best wishes

Definitely. I was put onto HRT when I was 36. Quite when I did go through the menopause is a complete mystery! I came off cyclical HRT at 50, and completely off HRT three years later.I suppose it's one way of avoiding any hassle with it...


My FSH & LH female hormone levels were ok - needs to be over 30& mine was only 8...!

I was told my iron was fine, as was my fasting cholestrol, as was my fasting blood sugar, as was my red& white cell counts.

TSH in early March (when I had a chest/throat infection) was 0.3 (local range is 0.2-4) and my T4 was 20.7 (local range is 10-20, but localEndo said it used to be 10-25) So GP panicked I was 0.7 above the 20& told me to reduce from 125mcg to 100mcg. I told her I didn't agree. I sat it out for 2wks, had a test mid March & TSH was 0.3 still but T4 had gone down to 16...! A friend who is also a GP told me that it should be known by GPs that T4 naturally raises with an infection, especially a throat infection/chest infection....!


What is the link to adrenal levels?!?!?

I've never had a test for adrenal levels....

I was 38 when I was post menopausal! Went on to develop Graves disease at 54, and was hospitalized for tests for extreme fatigue in the late 80s. Was diagnosed - depression! That same old chestnut. x

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Blooming typical of thicko Drs who think fatigue=depression... Idiots...!

Yes all of the above but had my levels tested and it's not the change?? I'm 38 I was kinda hoping it was not that I want it early but to put a answer to why this is all going on? X

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