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Jeremy Hunt now Foreign Secretary


Matt Hancock appointed health secretary

Matt Hancock, currently the culture secretary, replaces Jeremy Hunt as the health secretary, Downing Street announces.

[This is meant purely as an informative statement - not political. Please keep any responses politically neutral.]

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I wonder what this will mean to Thyroid patients... 🤔

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Musicmonkey

That is why I posted it!

crimple in reply to helvella

shouldn't think it will mean a lot unless he has a family member with thyroid issues and has a good understanding of them!

One of the things that always baffled me about JH was how rarely he spoke publicly about his job. He was like the invisible man! And yet he has probably had more impact on the NHS than almost anyone in the last 30 years. I'm not sure though - possibly Andrew Lansley and the Health and Social Care Act 2012 may have had more impact (I'm making no comment about whether that impact was good or bad. *Cough*)

Is it worth someone writing to this new Health Secretary? Many of us wrote to Jeremy Hunt about the T3 fiasco, and probably the whole thyroid fiasco. I did, and only got a 'standard' reply from his clerk. Just perhaps Mr Hancock needs to be filled in ?

Don't expect anything more from Mat H. As a constituent, his responses have always been unsatisfactory.

Hidden in reply to DellFinium

That was my experience too. I went to see him in December (quite a feat in itself for me at the time) and he seemed genuinely interested - I gave him a copy of harmony with much about T3, Toft's counterblast and the brilliant letter template that ITT had produced, told him of my own experience with T4 and how I buy my NDT online and why, gave him the price table for T3 which ITT also compiled.

I then got a measly response from Jeremy Hunt which basically regurgitated the info I gave to Matt, saying it was with the CMA. I was sorely disappointed with them both.

I may try again ..... but honestly I'm not sure any Tory MP will do much.

Cooper27 in reply to marigold22

I'd maybe give him a couple of months to settle into the new role, and then write. They're breaking for summer soon too, so letters will likely be lost in a pile of people write too soon.

Thanks for the update - reading this at 4am UK time - good to have info before hubby 😊

marigold22 in reply to Marz

One up man ship ?? !! x

Matt Hancock was quite proactive as Culture Secretary - look for his Culture is Digital report. Quite forward thinking and willing to embrace change it would seem (as someone who works in museums). Perhaps that means he will be open to communication.

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