Jeremy Hunt

Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt, MP

Minister of Health

Department of Health, Richmond House, 79 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2NS

Tel: 020 7210 4850


I have just written an email directly to Jeremy Hunt asking him why the NHS has not sourced another supply of T3, and asking him what he is going to do about our situation. I doubt I will even receive an acknowledgement.

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I did get a response from him. Well rather, one of the minions. And it left me laffing like this

That's disgusting. Democratic country UK ? NOT

Ah c'mon. At least we don't live in North Korea :)

Not sure what their medical situation is BUT, as far as the varying scenarios of hypothyroidism... I can't say anything reasonable about the experiences I've had or many others I've spoken with and/or met within the UK. I am also left to conclude that the reason for our plight, is not too dissimilar 'as if' we were in N Korea (#Juche - a joke!), which can get scary when your medical records are at stake (you may recall, like the old Soviet Union days... if you don't accept what the system says, then YOU are the problem). I simply cannot grasp that people are faced with some of the scenarios that I've read about hypothyroidism... how appallingly sad.

There is simply no excuse for the way we're treated here... it actually feels worse than those types of countries because people believe UK hype. xox

North Korea ain't no joke, sister 😢

Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία, Dēmokratía literally "rule of the commoners"), in modern usage, is a system of government in which the citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives from among themselves to form a governing body, such as a parliament.

UK: tick

North Korea: massive fail

Oh I know it's no joke - and I also fully understand 'the pretence of democracy' - you actually believe their story?

North Korea and the like, don't really pretend in the grand way that our countries do ;-)

Not worth arguing over: we all have our views. For me, we're going backwards now... 'those good old days' [that never existed]. I'm not sold on hype and 'fairy tales' when I see my OWN people on the streets, without food, services and blamed for their own plight: nice democracy for those who can afford it.

I like you Rapunzel - maybe we just leave it here? But, I'm more than willing to continue. xox

Never really has been... the delusion of illusion ;-)

They do say laughter is the best medicine... Thanks for the laugh! 😂

Actually, here's something you might find useful

George Spigos - he's the International Sales Manager at the Ofet group of pharmaceutical companies - the parent of Uni-Pharma

[] Just a thought...

We could write to him to ask him to increase his production so we can get it quicker... Problems with supplies have been reported as a reason for the delays in my order this time that I didn't experience last year, due to increased demand.

Have you contacted him Rapunzel?

See my response marigold - busy this morning and shooing the foxes away last night ( the bins, the bins) :)

WHAT ! Where on earth ? You take my breath away ! Have you dropped him a line ? Done lunch ? And a chilled afters ? 😂


Kitti1 exactly what are you suggesting? What's chiiled afters ? Is it some 50 shades malarkey ? I'm through with all of that :D

I dropped him a line, is all. His English is jolly good and he was very sweet in his reply the gist of which was, Please note that we cannot send you this item in UK since it’s not register in your country. The only thing you can do is arrange with someone leaving in Greece to buy it from a pharmacy and send you some boxes by courier. I hope that this will work for you

Thank you I remain at your disposal for any further information.

PS Fancy a chilled could maybe bring your friend kitti1

( I added the PS before you start packing :D )

It's bin night, leave me be xx

Rapunzel you do make me chuckle, I can always rely on you to cheer me up, thanks xx

Raventhorpe; thanks, I'm not wise but humour is my way out of many of the catastrophies which befall an average life and if that's all I can share and someone giggles, my work here is done :)

A chilled afters, apologies for being northern n a bit common, dessert, a nice relaxing dessert of course, and if your a smoker a relaxing smoke after your meal

Can't bring a friend ain't got any 😕

Bless your heart you've got lots here 👋 😘

Ta 👍 Will you be mi bezzie ? 😉

With regret, no. I haven't read your profile but you have lots more energy than me darling and it wouldn't be long I'll warrant before you'd be dragging me along with you and I'll only slow you down.... :(

Apologies for my kookie sense of humour 😉😂

Perhaps physically but mentally I could never keep up with your intellect 😊

So you only contacted him to procure you own supply ? Not a skilfully worded inquisition on the current policies of pricing and supply in Europe ? 😶

Now just to make sure you aren't being naughty, Kitti1, you can only import for yourself or members of the family living with you :( What I actually asked about was the likelihood of my hotel being able to supply me, as they did last year, with a new stash, via a local pharmacy.

It's only my opinion, but I think he has gently and politely obfuscated. So don't y'all be bothering him, now. Unless you want to make him feel like the sixth member of 1D :D


He's our MP and I often write to him, he always replies. Let me know if he doesn't.


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