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Folate, ferritin etc are levels normal?

Hi, I'm trying to gather as much info as I can to take to see this endo next week. My rheumatologist tested my folate, ferritin and B12 a month ago and said the levels were fine. I have asked for a copy of the results to take with me, along with the Blue Horizon thyroid profile. These are the levels that came through the post today...

Ferritin 31.0 ug/L ( 5-148)

B12 388 pg/ml (191-946)

Folate 5.5 ng/ml. (4.6-18.7)

Any advice on these gratefully received xx

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Back to school for the doc I am afraid ! Your Ferritin - Stored Iron - needs to be around 80/90. B12 at the TOP of the range. Folate too. The result of your B12 is unreliable anyway as it is both bound and unbound B12. Only about 20% of that result reaches the cells where it is needed. hence why it needs to be high in the range.... With your stored iron being low - the cupboard is depleted - so not much to draw on.

Absorption issues ? Are you supplementing ? Thyroid results ?


Am not an expert - have just learnt from others on this forum who have such good knowledge....


What about VitD - was that tested ? Hope all goes well with the Endocrinologist next week.


She didn't bother to test my vit D as I am already chronically deficient in that and supplement, just said keep supplementing. I have secondary hyperparathyroidism. Not yet on any meds as TSH also 'normal' 3.33 (0.5-4.2) but blue horizon tests showed I'm not making anywhere near enough T4 (under range) and T3 low in range. Thanks for your response x


Hope your Endo thinks outside the box and doesn't just go with the TSH.


I'm hoping so too - her write up and website suggest she sees the bigger picture and thinks GPs are ill-equipped to deal with most thyroid/adrenal problems because of imposed guidelines. I'm reading between the lines...x

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Wow - she sounds special....

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