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Is this really considered normal?


I had a blood test done in October 2013 that showed borderline for hypothyroidism but I don't have the details for that here. I had a repeat test in February 2014 which they insist is normal. It shows TSH 3.37 and FT4 14.9. They didn't show any results for FT3 or any other figures relating to hypo. I am fairly new to this digging business, so please be patient :) Some symptoms I am experiencing include:

Weight gain (despite dieting)


Difficulty concentrating

Very heavy periods and irregularity


I have seen three different GPs who don't seem to think anything is wrong, with one suggesting I may be mildly depressed. I have had thyroid problems in the past, when I was a teenager, but haven't taken medication for years. I suffered from (what I believe was, in my recent research) Hashimoto's. Can anyone give me any advice? I'm truly struggling, and worried my job might be threatened if I don't stop making mistakes in work due to feeling this way and not being able to focus. Also, is it not standard procedure to do a more comprehensive test in the UK? I keep reading about other test results and I'm not sure why mine only includes TSH and FT4. Thanks in advance! (I'm getting ready to have another test, and I'm like to be properly informed when the results come through.) Also, I thought it was worth mentioning that I had a baby just over a year ago and haven't lost a single pound since about 8 weeks post-partum, which is about the time my period returned, despite exclusively breastfeeding.

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Some links to read:-

If GP wont do full thyroid function test (many labs don't when TSH is in'normal range') you can get them done privately. Details on

You may well be low on iron. That won't help your thyroid. My doctor says most people in the UK are Vitamin D deficient at this time of year, and that doesn't help Thyroid sufferers either (neither does being low on Vitamin B12). However it's not uncommon to develop thyroid problems after having a baby, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. Unfortunately the 'normal' TSH range in the UK is much wider than a lot of other countries, so although your TSH of 3.37 is considered normal here in some countries it would be close to the limit. Next time you have a thyroid blood test done, go first thing in the morning - your TSH is highest then. Really you need a sympathetic doctor who will retest you and include tests for Vit B12, D, Iron, Ferritin (stored iron), Folate, plus both types of Thyroid antibodies. A lot of Thyroid sufferers do find their periods get heavier when they are not properly medicated (the female ones anyway!) Good luck and don't let them fob you off!

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